Kim Kardashian in Black Dress at the MTV Movie Awards

Kim Kardashian has made a remarkable MTV Movie Awards in her black dress pass. We had all seen Kim Kardashian in black, The beautiful way to an appointment in order to prepare its passage before the camera.

Kim Kardashian in Black Dress at the MTV Movie Awards-01

Elegant and chic, the girlfriend of Kanye West to put on the red carpet perched on pointed pumps satin Dior. For the dress, Kim Kardashian chose a black chiffon dress, Yves Saint Laurent.

Ultra-wide sleeves and we love the beautiful golden necklace Yves Saint Laurent signed too! A simple but chic look that put her curves perfectly pregnant woman in value.

We saw Kim Kardashian without makeup and completely unrecognizable. But for the MTV Movie Awards on April 14, 2013, Kim Kardashian made a real effort we applauded. Yes, not easy to be pregnant and fashionista at a time!

In addition to this beautiful place, we loved the bare makeup of the beautiful brunette. A bit of eyeliner and some clear gloss on the look hi Kim and said YES to her smooth hair! And you like the look of Kim Kardashian at the MTV Movie Awards 2013?

Since she knows the joys of motherhood, the young woman has obviously put water in her wine where Kim Kardashian without makeup pregnant and was unrecognizable. But Kim Kardashian still continues to take care of it and go to sport regularly.

So, Kim Kardashian wearing a black t-shirt, hoodie and black leggings with blue stripes she associated with blue sneakers in the same tones.

Kim Kardashian is still on top even to the neck as pregnant at the MTV Movie Awards. when Kim Kardashian wore a black dress. Even to go to sport, Kim is black and is especially very lookée.

Hair in the wind, the beautiful brunette has a sense of detail by combining the blue legging her sneakers. And even if she is not wearing makeup, Kim Kardashian behind sunglasses very fashion.

We love to see Kim Kardashian natural! And you, what do you think the sporty look of Kim Kardashian young?

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