Kim Kardashian Blue Eyes & Green Eyes or Turquoise More Beautiful


Kim Kardashian Blue Eyes & Green Eyes Apparently, does not know what to do with her time. Pregnant (and it shows) she is struggling to deal with despite a cosmetics brand and a TV show dedicated to her.

Then for fun, try it with colored lenses and post the results on her Instagram account. The result? A little strange, it is difficult to recognize!

Kim Kardashian Blue Eyes & Green Eyes

When starlets do not know what to do with their day, they are like us, they hang out on the Internet and for those who are active on Twitter, it often gives romantic and philosophical posts as in Amanda Bynes, the new lolita trash or photo shoots in privacy.

Kim Kardashian Blue Eyes & Green Eyes and those there after showing us video (filmed with her phone) passing haircut and bangs, the girlfriend of Kanye West invites fans to discover her latest fad: colored lenses. It would she tired of her eyes hazel? Who knows…

Kim Kardashian Blue Eyes

In any case, one thing is certain is that when Kim Kardashian undertakes a thing as futile as it is, it does things well and she proves it by giving her photo attire than her contact lenses? Decidedly, she really attention to detail…

So we discover with 4 different versions turquoise, green, light blue and blue and each time, the dress that goes with it (she has obviously spent her afternoon) With her brown hair, green going pretty well and not too artificial. This does not apply to the blue contact lenses. Whether turquoise, blue or light blue her eyes seem photoshoped. Worse, wearing a white jacket striped face of her bangs and blue eyes, it is hard to recognize!

Kim Kardashian Green Eyes

Kim Kardashian knows it is surprising not to see her try more exotic models with printed (and the dress that goes with it, of course). Also recommends patches lips, if she is bored, or take care of her nails.

Discover Kim Kardashian blue eyes & green eyes on instagram

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