Kim Kardashian Wearing Long Snakeskin Coat In Paris


Kim Kardashian Wearing Long Snakeskin Coat and flew back to Paris Kanye West to celebrate Easter. Kim Kardashian flew to the capital to join her love Kanye West. Bluntly criticized for its care maternity dress Kim Kardashian seems to put water in her wine as we proved her last look. Indeed, Kim Kardashian arrived in Paris in any class and simplicity. She wore black leggings under a white blouse and voluminous a new a pair of ballet shoes not high altitude. A simple look at the opposite of her opulent look in Lanvin New York last March. Also, Kim Kardashian adds a personal touch to this look banal with her long coat snakeskin.

Where the old Kim Kardashian have brought this impressive room with a body on dress and a pair of her favorite Louboutin signed Tom Ford or the new Kim prefers to wear it with a simple pair of leggings and ballet flats. She stylized by carrying half opened exposing the way her belly very rounded. Passport in hand and hair brushes fresh, Kim Kardashian arrived in Paris with lightness. Capillary side also, “Oust” fringe the beautiful features again a high forehead. Gradually, Kim Kardashian seems to sail a more mature style, stylish, will be transformed into she Sienna Miller, mom AND fashionista? The paris are open. At this time, Kim Kardashian fashion st phase in fairly quiet but for how long?

Kim Kardashian Wearing Long Snakeskin Coat

Kim Kardashian finally from her boyfriend Kanye West she is currently enjoying a romantic break in Paris!

The star is in our capital where she found her lover and father of her unborn child …

After a frantic promotion in New York last week and Easter weekend family is finally with her boyfriend rapper Kanye West as California bimbo Kim Kardashian has been seen!

Indeed, the star of the U.S. reality television who is expecting her first child with her famous lovers packed up and flew away yesterday of the Los Angeles airport to Paris, where Hip-Hop boy is a large part of the year!

Kim Kardashian Wearing long Snakeskin Coat In Paris

Kim has also been photographed with Kanye while both left the restaurant Ferdi, located at 32 Rue Mount Tabor in the 1st arrondissement of Paris after a nice dinner in head to head.

Prospective parents who are in Paris incognito mode (but not too), have also been spotted doing some shopping at Bonpoint, there are just a few hours, just prepare for the arrival of their baby as it should be!

Remains to be seen how long Kim will stay with her man?

What is certain is that for the moment it is indeed among us then Paris, keep your eyes open if you want to see the 32 year old brunette and her big baby bump!

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