5 Basic Skin Care Tips To Know Your Face Skin Type


Basic skin care tipsĀ for skin beauty is a principal thing for a woman to have a clean and healthy skin will certainly affect performance every day. There are various ways in basic skin care tips such as the use of cosmetics and natural materials are efficacious in treating the skin.

Basic skin care tips For different type skin and make a note of understanding is how to determine the effects will be given.

A lot of people are still wrong in skin care because they do not pay attention to and take into consideration that the product or material according to the type of skin that is in itself good or not. So many women often complain of skin problems experienced.

Stage of basic skin care to look beautifully healthy and clean is to detect and determine the type of skin that is within each of us.

Different 5 Basic Skin Care Tips Step By Step

Oily Skin

benefit of having its own oily skin

This skin type is very vulnerable to acne; excessive oil content is very possible for anyone who has oily skin acne easily.

The special feature of people with greasy skin is the oily surface of the skin and has owned pores look a little big.

The benefit of having its own oily skin avoids the skin dehydration dry skin.

Dry Skin

Two Types Of Natural Dry Skin and Dehydrated Skin

Basic skin care tips for dry skin are divided two types of natural dry skin and dehydrated skin. Dry skin is naturally characterized by surface feels rough and stiff when either cleaned or before cleaning.

Natural dry skin sometimes itches effect and cracks on the surface. To cope with dry skin is very necessary to consume omega 3 and omega 6.

Skin dehydration is not much different from naturally dry skin dry skin dehydration due to a lack of fluid in the body so that no effect of fine lines on the skin. Skin dehydration is also due to factors which wrong use of cosmetics.

Combination Skin

Combination skin Two different Types Of Skin on the Body

Ever see someone thinking about oily skin but the arms and legs look so dry of oil. This is called by a combination skin where someone has two different types of skin on the body.

For the treatment itself takes two different products can not use one type of product that is only for one skin.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin Care for Acne

Better for your skin type and needs to be very carefully the article one-one using cosmetics or cleansers will affect the incidence of skin damage such as irritation.

Normal Skin

Natural Normal Skin Care Tips

If practically possible perfect skin is normal for people her champion, fortunately, blessed with normal skin because the skin is very balanced normal neither oily nor dry lot.

Special characteristics of people who have normal skin usually look very smooth, soft and elastic.

So, in essence, the best treatment for your skin is very important first to know the type of skin that held so avoid the skin problems that can cause the skin to become damaged.

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