The Korean CC Cream + CC Cream by Cosmetics For Summer Beauty [2021]


Primer 2021 2022, Korean CC Cream the young is the most popular in Korea today. The Summer addition to fashion trends to update the wardrobe is also synonymous with the new makeup trends highlights.

Korean CC Cream For Beauty Skin

Primer Makeup Classes For Smooth Skin

Korean Summer Beauty Trend

Summer CC Cream is equivalent to hot weather makes you more prone to sweat, causing makeup condition washed and faded. In hot weather, the Primer so annoying is the “savior” of the fair hot.

Primer (cream liner) is considered the first step in makeup. This product whose main task is to keep your makeup classes is not washed and beautiful throughout the day.

CC Cream For Brighten Skin

Korean CC Cream

True to its name, CC Cream adjusted effective pigmentation and another skin color; brighten skin small scars obscured and the blue veins under the skin.

Eyebrow Gel

Eyebrow Gel

Inherently powders types are usually utilized to guy’s eyebrows, eyebrows help add more definition. However, the drawback of powder is very easy to drift, especially in the hot weather of the season. Because of that, these summer eyebrow gel products are considered as one of the products make up most handy.

There are trees shaped like mascara, eyebrow gel product is best for Vietnam than by using talcum powder you can just make sharper brow, “dyed” color for the color eyebrow hair and especially keep your eyebrows are always perfect beauty, neat, in lines all day.

Eyebrow Gel has a lot of tone color from transparent to colored type to match the taste and color of your hair. Unlike drawing with chalk powder or eyebrow pencil, eyebrow gel is somewhat more natural and perhaps this is the reason that this product is a more popular girlfriend.

Son Matte Natural Lip Color

natural lip color

Compared with the kind of lip gloss are staying has the advantage of ease of use in everyday life to make sense of the natural lip color.

In particular, why is staying favored son in summer is by staying very long lasting lipstick; even if you eat or drink sweat when hot weather.

The color of the lipstick also staying incredibly diverse and surely this would be the perfect choice for her favorite style changed over his lip color this summer.

Cream Face / Body Glow

Cream Face / Body Glow
Cream Face / Body Glow

CC Cream or powder glow is probably one of the makeup items “multi-zip-function” in your makeup bag. You can use a typeface glow as face glow (face highlight), which makes skin feel smooth, transparent, and full of life.

And body glow can be scattered all along the length of the leg and hand effect slender, attractive. Summer is the season of her regular shorts, short skirts or bikinis and is sure to highlight your body will help you become more charming and attractive.

Powder Hair Dye

Powder Hair Dye
The Korean Summer Beauty Trend

The highlight style hair dyed ombre or dip dye which has been “storming” of young people. However, hair dyeing and bleaching hair can cause severe damage to your child, take a lot of effort and money to condition hair.

The solution for your favorite girl and wants to change the way the hair dye powder. Not confined to the girlfriend can completely change your hair color a temporary basis at any time by powder hair dye color tone is very diverse and also using extremely simple.

Moreover, powder hair dye is popular because it is effective in an efficient manner even if you have black hair. However, in order to be strong and healthy hair after using hair dye powder do not forget to use shampoo and conditioner clean, attractive oil to condition hair.

The CC Cream by It Cosmetics makes all skin redness disappear

Problem skin is difficult to hide: Be it mid- pimples, pimples, pustules or skin redness. Often the covering makeup does not help. And if you do, then you usually see caky, so totally covered.

But what if we tell you that we have found the perfect foundation for those with problem skin? Too good to be true, right?

It Cosmetics: This CC Cream makes all skin redness disappear

The CC Cream by It Cosmetics was developed by Jamie Kern Lima, a former television reporter with problem skin. The journalist suffers extremely from her rosacea and could barely hide from the sharp TV cameras. Again and again, her makeup almost ran away in front of the camera and the bad skin became visible.

Jamie had had enough and wanted to develop her own care with opacity, which finally makes her shine beautifully, without worrying that the make-up might collapse.

The CC Cream by It Cosmetics was born!

That’s why the CC Cream by It Cosmetics is so unique

The before / after pictures of It Cosmetics are really amazing

The CC Cream was developed in collaboration with plastic surgeons and combines nourishing active ingredients with anti-aging and SPF 50.

That is a lot. And every beauty junkie knows that without sun protection factor, nothing works anymore. After all, the evil UV rays are responsible, among other things, for premature aging of the skin.

The great thing about the CC Cream: It covers redness perfectly, but it lays on the skin very easily and thus looks very natural and not makeshift.

Hydrolyzed Collagen, Peptides, Niacin, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins A, B, C, and E are an innovative anti-aging serum that reduces wrinkle depth, minimizes pores and gives a radiant, supple and flawless-looking complexion.

Left: Without CC Cream the skin redness are clearly visible; Right: The skin radiates and looks even and great

CC Cream by It Cosmetics in the test

We tested the CC Cream for over three months.

Our conclusion: The CC Cream is really a miracle weapon. For us, she is a perfect daily make-up. It covers perfectly all impurities and still lets freckles show through. We are particularly enthusiastic about the recommended brush, with which the CC Cream should be applied.

Together, the make-up merges with the skin and ensures a natural glow. By the way, thanks to the LSF 50, we have not had sunburn on the nose, forehead and the rest of the summer.

Well, we are really excited.

It Cosmetics says nothing to you? The brand is also only about three months in Germany about Douglas to have. Previously, the CC Cream was only available in the US and already there an absolute bestseller.

Currently, you get the CC Cream in Germany in twelve colors. Cost about 38 euros.

Not cheap, but they are really worth it!

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