Beauty: Are Korean Cloth Masks Revolutionaries?

Korean cloth masks attack! On the market (and on Instagram stars), masks for the face cloth swarm.

The new Korean cloth masks trend in beauty adopts?

Give the appearance of a horror movie character with a face mask; it does not seem to scare the beauty addicts desperate to have nice skin.

Sephora, the new cosmetic products are available in dozens of colors and all areas of the face; cheekbones, eyes and even lips … and it’s a big hit (cloth)!

Each skin, the mask

Directly imported from Korea, this trend is part of the routine intricate beauty of Korean women. Every night, these queens of the beauty look apply one of these masks on the face soaked for a brighter complexion than ever.

Thanks to their gel components and various activities, these masks can treat all the imperfections of the skin.

Mask Mask Help, Asos, 7.49 €.

Mask Help, Asos, 7.49 €.

Very moisturizing when selecting aloe vera, they conceal rather rash when they contain pink … Anyway, to each her typology piece of Korean cloth masks with holes!


Intriguing by its appearance but also its efficiency, its Asian beauty seduces us into an application (and that’s good because it is a single-use product).

Korean cloth masks trends dredge our bathrooms

The cloth mask is not the only discovery of Korean origin to the buzz.

BB lotion was done for many years a prominent place in our vanity.

Among the neo-cosmetic 2018, another technique imported from this region of the world is talking about her: the cushion beauty.

It remains for us to watch the Instagram Korean bloggers to experience the beauty trends of tomorrow.

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