Korean Nail Beauty & Glitter Nail Samples For More Beautiful Hands


Latest Korean nail beauty for party look. Luxury nail form a color pure stone studded liquidation, gentle with metal nail form throughout youthful, modern with nail painting flowers and wild personality zebra nail form.

Glitter Nail Samples

Nail a lovely stones color just get a nail color as the mainstream but if only one color, the hands will become empty and lost beauty. Therefore mounted stone will just limit cons on both a hand more to complete with the glitter of ice.

Many small pieces for a color picture and many colors for your choice, If you want to try to tone up a bit careful because it will make you “enough”. The metal nail form during the very easy and simple, along the shine of the paint color and the highlight of the metal line help girlfriend owns a beautiful and striking hand.

Glitter Nail Samples-10

Flower Nail, cute nail style is not new but with innovation patterns on a modern, luxurious and diversified with more models will satisfy the requirements of each person & transformed with subtle or dotted lines on each finger.

Zebra nail form is a harmonious combination of black paint with white stone chain, both beautiful and luxurious.

Spring-summer nail trend this year in favor of bright colors, highlights typical of the tropics but still wanted by the harmony.Korean Nail Beauty

If the exquisite beauty and love, you can completely nail color with the lipstick or eye color “ton sur ton” with the type of makeup or costume accessories. Here is the nail samples were many beautiful features, very eye-catching. If previously painted white tip only the present, you can fully replace it with the popular colors: pink, red, orange, green…

If you choose this type of nail, you should square nail trimming and not too long.

Korean Nail Beauty-04
Sac violet and leopard motifs chemistry with costumes & the similarities between the nail and lip color. Vibrant color block nail with flower motifs with bright pink lipstick.

Soft pink makeup tones, you just need to the natural nail and paint ball & harmony with the natural nail luxury n*de makeup tones.

A bit more vibrant, nail form two bright yellow and pink “ton sur ton” with lipstick and dresses. Nail color nail block each color based on the harmony of the g similarities.

This is also a popular trend for spring summer. Nail purple strange quite well with makeup tones.

Nail color, lip color harmony make you more hot. Natural makeup will not only help young age but also easier to fit many types of nail.


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