Kylie Jenner Hair Color Photos Changes Look Child To Young Model


Starring in this series, aired from 2007, then the mother Kris with ex-husband Bruce, the children of her first marriage to Robert Kardashian – Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob – and Kendall and Kylie, daughters of Bruce…

More Sometimes Kylie told the discomfort and suffering of the share also unpleasant moments of their lives with millions and millions of viewers.

Queen of gossip, the Kardashian sisters collect more and more a resounding success in social thanks to their continuous selfie alluring and provocative photos: Kim Kardashian in particular, between the stars, more follow on Instagram.

Fear of change? Not Kylie

She grew up in the shadow of her sister Kim Kardashian, the “small” Kylie began to emerge and make her way in the world of fashion and entertainment, thanks to its rapid changes.

Initially, it was the lips become noticeably thick and fleshy; then a continuous change of hair color. Her body has taken many different forms over time: her waist has become very tight, her hips a bit ‘wider, breast two sizes larger and her eyes stand out thanks to extremely long eyelashes, the eyebrows perfectly arched and enriched and eyelid taut. Not to mention the remodeling of the nose and jaw; there are rumors of a plant to the chin.

It seems that the small house Kardashian, powered by a loving feeling of competing against the sisters (especially against Kim) is willing to do anything to stay on top of. Will she beat to the sound of the selfie? It is already on its way!

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