La Bellezza Eterna Natural Inspiration for Beauty

From time nature has always been a symbol of beauty. Because the beauty of each element implicit in natural resources such as rays produced by the sun the beauty of the sea, mountains berbatuan, fresh Nan wilderness and desert exoticism.

All beauty like playing together in the stage of being beauty. La Bellezza Eterna a theme inspired by nature, to re-create the underlying Makarizo hairstyle trend this year through event titled Hair Fashion Cannes Festival 2013.

Hair color trend is the awaited event not only for the professional salon but for the people who follow fashion itself. Martin Jimi, President Makarizo speaking performances latest hair trend collection is a form of commitment to continually inspire the hairdresser Indonesia.

“Collection La Bellezza Eterna carried in line with the development of world fashion trend that emphasizes the natural and dramatic look at the same woman. Latest collection will strengthen the brand’s position as a pioneer Makarizo hair beauty world,” she said.

All the charm and beauty of the earth from the centralized nature eternal. God created the world as a center for the natural beauty and timeless enchantment will continue throughout the period. The beauty and natural beauty of the planet we are obliged to always guard.

There is plenty to exposed of this nature. Everyone is expected to know what is in the environment can be an inspiration to creativity especially in the hair trend. Inspired from natural color sketch especially the combination of the sea, desert, forest, to the mountains rocky, was created the creations that express individual personality based on the beauty of nature.

“Just like nature, we must also take care of beauty and growing every year. With the theme of La Bellezza Eterna we expect innovation and creativity in the creative works of the year will continue to be immortal and will not be cracked by time like the beauty and natural beauty belonging to continue immortal, “says Verly Elinda, Education and Event Manager Makarizo.

There are four techniques that will be shown at event times. Fourthly are the gradation, repetition, transition, and contrast. Fourth technique will be interpreted in conjunction with the character and elements in nature that are tailored to each individual’s personalized for different purposes so inspiring to be the latest trend such as:

Rock mountain

Rock mountain`

Inspired from the outline color that represented the rock mountain in the shooting of an individual with firm character, hard, rigid, monotonous and arrogant, yet elegant. To reinforce this character tend to use dark colors that combined policy with very bright highlights.

Under the sea

Under the sea

Modelled outline the basic colors of the sea. Represented in the shooting of a cheerful individual with colorful characters, elegant, beautiful, beautiful, unique, and can be the center of attention. Cheerful compilation was shining brightly with bright colors and full color.

Desert winds

Desert winds

Inspired from the desert color sketch represented in the character of the individual filming adaptable, easy going, and flexible. Using warm colors such as gold and copper to strengthen this character.

Wild Wood

La Bellezza Eterna Natural Inspiration for Beauty

Inspired by color sketch depicting individual’s wilderness with a mysterious character, introverted, and quiet, these characters are more prominent with a combination of cool colors, such as shades of green and brown ash.

By Tim Artistic Makarizo, each character is shown in the two concept model trend that is Haute couture and Pret-a-Porter. Haute couture is a model or style hair in a style extravaganza that can only be used on specific events or specific.

While Pret-a-Porter is the haircut style that can be used day to day. Its applications are also simple and easy to implement to consumers.

No one if Makarizo Hair Fashion Festival 2013 is referred to as one of the biggest event in the world hairdressing Indonesia.

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