Lana Del Rey Long Black Braid Hairstyle At The BRIT Awards


Lana Del Rey long black braid hairstyle has posted a new hairstyle last night at the BRIT Awards. A new style that has won the famous hairdresser Darren Ambrose. Lana Del Rey has unveiled her new hairstyle at the BRIT Awards. The singer tied her long black hair in a braid worn on the neglected.

Lana is known for her famous hair honeycomb in mind 60’s but this new style suited him admirably. The famous hairdresser Darren Ambrose gave her opinion on the new look of the star. The long tousled braid Lana is superb, she told Cover Media. The dark color facilitates the insertion of additional bits for this length. This is very far from her glamorous sixties but it works.

BRIT Awards Lana Del Rey Long Black Braid Hairstyle

Lana Del Rey long black braid hairstyle
Lana Del Rey long black braid hairstyle © Cover Media

Other stars showed equally beautiful hairstyles for BRITs, including Pussycat Dolls singer Ashley Roberts and Rita Ora. Rae Palmer, Redken brand ambassador has revealed how to recreate the styles of the two singers.

The hair up Ashley and Rita bun hairstyles are gorgeous but in a spirit relaxed, she said. To recreate Ashley puff, pull your hair into a high ponytail and forget the front. Wrap them around a sausage in a bun for a better finish. Braid the front section and incorporate it into the bun. For Rita bun, tie hair back and roll but let the front loose. Backcomb this part and bring it to the side and finish with a touch of fixing spray. Blonde hair always look great with this kind of disheveled hair because you can see the color variations.

Lana Del Rey Long Black Braid Hairstyle At The BRIT Awards-0

Lana Del Rey real name Elizabeth Grant, nicknamed “Lizzy” is originally from New York. Born June 21, 1986, the day of the music festival as her fate was already written. Lana is the buzz with its unique style! Between Hollywood glamor and great 50’s, Lana has a style all its own with babydoll dresses, glamorous blow-dries her heels and derbies, the beautiful is a real doll straight out of the 1950s.

© Cover Media
© Cover Media

Lana Del Rey long black braid hairstyle But outside the scenes where she is over-masked, Lana is almost a girl like any other. Cap, jeans and jacket off … Lana is a young of the year 2010! Lana Del Rey media buzz before doing debate. Blonde and away from the baby doll it is today, Lana showed a relaxed style. Some gossips even say that the singer had made a turn in the box “cosmetic surgery” to get luscious lips that she knows …

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