Latest Makeup Trends For 2020


Maiden smoky eye or lip color the wine seems to have gone into the past. This is when you need new ideas for themselves.

Bright Lipstick

Coral lipstick? That was the story of 2020. This year, you want to stand out and shine, choose the gilded tones.

Babaian makeup experts recommend using a lip brush to apply lipstick, so lipstick was spread out. If a little too bright lipstick from color, you can use a nude lip liner before lipstick to lower down. Next, apply a light eyeshadow and blush slightly subtle lip color to stand out more.

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Massive Facial Skin Perfectly Smooth And Flawless

A makeup trend prominent on the catwalks this year which is the skin smooth, flawless.

Massive Facial Skin Perfectly Smooth And Flawless

Then gently dab on the top blush cheek.

Finally, complete your face makeup “carpentry” by her elaborate a little mascara and nude lip gloss blush.

Maiden Bright Eyes

If you want a stylish bolder makeup, use a light eye shadow is a perfect suggestion.

With this type of makeup, Babaian recommends you use a powder blue color on the eyelids. Let’s apply it to the eyelids and even spread up to the crease. Try not to deviate too chalk up above the fold, with the new look so delicate and not heavy.

Maiden Bright Eyes

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