Learn How To Do A Manicure At Home

Learn How To Do A Manicure At Home
Learn How To Do A Manicure At Home

The shelookbook gives you the greatest manicure tips to bulldoze you doing the nail itself

Do their own nails may seem a bit impossible when tried first? But it is very handy after we get practical. This gives the nail to make at any time to change the color of enamel also every other day and still save the allowance. The shelookbook prepared a guide with practical tips for you to turn your own manicure. Want to see

Step 1: Hydration

It is critical for the appearance and health of the hands and feet. Therefore, choosing an effective moisturizer which suits your needs & There are several specific for these regions moisturizers on the market.

Step 2: Set The Size

You choose the best method: cutting or sanding only also uses the less rough sandpaper to achieve the desired format. Fingernails can be round or square but for the feet prefer the square corners that prevent jamming. Tip: It is important to pay attention to the movement of the sandpaper. Do not make the movement “comes and goes” on the nail. This makes them weaker and they end up breaking or flaking. To avoid this, always pass the sandpaper in the same direction already at the top of the nail, suitable for use sandpaper polishing. The conventional are very aggressive and can leave a very thin layer of the nail.

Step 3: Now Cuticles

The cuticles are a protective nail and so it is good to avoid taking them. If you already draw it’s often the adaptation process to stop taking them can be chatinho because they are very apparent in the beginning. But if you treat them with affection, passing suitable moisturizer and reducer cuticles and pushing them gently with a spatula, you will see that aspect will improve too and you will not need to appeal to the pliers always! You can say goodbye to those steaks and Palin has boring.

Want to get anyway? Even if you can not stay without removing the cuticles, invest in daily hydration. When you do your nails, rub a cuticle softener in your fingers and cover with damp cotton pieces for them to become well molinhas. Then take the cotton one by one, push the cuticles with a spatula and remove only the excess with pliers. Try not to “break” the cuticle, this will facilitate the process.

Step 4: Base and Glaze

Spending base is not fresh! It protects the nail of dyes present in glazes and prolongs its duration after the base can apply the glaze of your choice. Usually requires two layers for full coverage, but pass very thin layers. Thick enamel shells faster and takes longer to dry.

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While you are passing the second layer, already pass the toothpick around the nails to remove excess glaze. Once all the nails are painted, it’s time to clean. Wrap a piece of cotton on a toothpick thin, soak in a nail polish remover (avoid acetone, a substance that is very aggressive for nails) and go skimming the sides. Tip: spend a little drying oil in Beira din has; it makes it easier to clean

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