Who never woke up one morning with the firm resolution to lose its unsightly bulges? And put an end to excessive indulgence in starting a diet farm? Magazines we blow revenue miracles to lose all three even our five kilos in two weeks.

Large reinforcement’s soups apples or carrots these plans promise a rapid weight loss and certain. Wanting to do well it is tempting to adopt draconian diet they prescribe. Caution however …

Many deficiencies

Menus inadequate and unbalanced imposed by some regimes are likely to cause serious harm to our health. To function properly our body actually needs its daily dose of minerals and vitamins. These needs can be met through a varied diet, No food as wholesome as it is not all together. Deprive our body of varied meals is to condemn the deficiencies can be the cause of chronic fatigue nervous dysfunctions cramps or discomfort … traumas she can keep long squeal if the reserves that it is rapidly depleted in nutrients it is not as easy to recover. Symptoms of iron deficiency or magnesium for example are sometimes months to disappear.

Least five kilos in two weeks

Results questionable Hair, nails and skin are the first to suffer from the shortage. Brittle nails dull hair and sparse wrinkled skin the heavy price to pay for a little slimmer silhouette … especially the rapid weight loss offered by these plans often low in protein will nearly always cause muscle wasting. Upon arrival, it was thin but it has lost as much fat as muscle. To find a firm body we need many hours of sports and effort … especially if you are tired.

Fat, by cons will be easier to take than muscle. Our body, private will tend to store more in less distance. This is the famous you affect. A terrible gear leading to weight gain for some perpetual deprivation for others.

Least five kilos in two weeks

Good reflexes to properly lose weight there is no secret. It is the eternal fable of the hare and the tortoise. Must reduce caloric intake in reasonable limits. Or carbohydrates or fats should be completely abolished. A minimum of 1000 calories per day for women and 1400 for men is a vital need. In short your body will necessarily lack of energy and essential nutrients.

The more you limit your calorie intake you should take more care to vary your menus. To avoid deficiencies food must be carefully chosen. They should give you a maximum of vitamins and minerals. This is to avoid “empty calories” those from foods with no nutritional value. Cakes and sweets white bread or white rice for example gives you energy but almost no vitamins and minerals. Replace them with bread or rice which you provide fiber. During a diet, dietary supplements (multivitamin tablets, magnesium and iron) are welcome.

To prevent muscle wasting be sure to also absorb protein at every meal (meat, fish, eggs or dairy). Sporting activities during this period will also limit the loss of muscle while promoting weight loss and feeling of well being.
By following these basic rules you mimicries more slowly … but surely. Outlaw all diets that do not comply with these principles. The goal of dieting is to get blown to a healthy weight while making the transition to a permanent healthy eating mode. The inventors of miracle cures often tend to forget.

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