Leather shoes are an elegant accessory that has a special need for protection.

Why should you take care of leather shoes?

Grooming leather shoes is, therefore, an important activity in order to give the material back its fats and oils (shoe polish) and to protect it (shoe wax). In addition, a polished and shiny leather shoe makes more than a worn and dirty.

Essential for the proper care of the leather shoe. The right shoeshine set and the knowledge of this task.

Here it is an advantage if you put a shoe tree made of cedar wood in the freshly worn (and still warm) leather shoe.

Maintain leather shoes

Shoe trees made of wood additionally absorb moisture. Therefore do not use plastic! Very good cedar wood shoe trees are those of Langer & Messmer*, which are also available in a set of 3, 5, and 10 pieces.

In any case, make sure that your shoe has around a day to completely dry out. But do not make the mistake and believing that drying the shoe under or over the heater optimizes drying. See also here: Wet shoes dry.

How and when should you clean leather?

As mentioned above is no later than after 14 days ending with funny. Then it gets serious and the leather shoe needs to freshen up.

The leather will thank you for longevity and shine. In very unfavorable climatic conditions (winter, snowfall, rain, etc.) but the “cleaning rhythm” should be increased.

Here I recommend every 8 to 10 days to clean the leather shoe or perform the cleaning as needed (for example, after outdoor work and a high degree of contamination).

First of all, you should clean leather shoes to prevent them from drying out. Other reasons include the production of suppleness and shine.

Leather Shoes Caring Tips

Tip: Brush your leather shoes with a brush that is not too rough after each use to get a grip on the dirt. If you do not do that, you’ll accumulate more and more dirt, which you’ll have to remove in one go!

Cleaning the leather is one of the most essential activities in shoe shine and should not be taken lightly. If you care about your shoes, do a proper cleaning and care of the leather regularly!

Here you can read all about the right shoe care basic equipment.

Brief instructions for leather shoes clean

If you notice a very large amount of dirt, you must first clean and wash your leather shoes.

For this, I recommend as the first measure with a dirt brush (such as this dirt brush of Collonil * ) to rid of mud, dust, and other dirt. Here you have to be very careful but still proceed exactly, because stains are harmful in the further course of the leather or complicate the care. If necessary, you can add some water to it.

Apply shoe polish properly

Maintain leather shoes – only with the right brushes and creams.


The leather shoe; Either you take suitable shoe trees (preferably made of cedar wood) or you stuff them with newspaper. I recommend storing the shoe on the side. But never put the shoes on or under the radiators. This harms them more than it brings!

How to care for your leather shoes

It follows the leather shoe care. Now cream the shoe (already dry) with suitable shoe polish. Pay attention to the color differences between the creams or use a colorless. Use a cotton cloth or a fine brush.

The cloth has the advantage that you can act much finer and cleaner. At the seams, the brush has the advantage. Consider both. For example, I think a very good brush is here: applicator brush/crucible brush by Telmo *

Do not forget the sole and heel edge when applying the cream. Then let the leather shoe rest for around 30 minutes. Then you can polish it with a very soft cleaning cloth or a gloss brush. You should do this in gentle, regular circles and without much pressure until you feel the shoe shines evenly throughout.

Tip: If the shine of your leather shoe after creaming is not enough or if you want to protect it from moisture, you can now apply a thin layer of shoe wax and thus really care for your leather shoes. Apply again, rest for half an hour and then polish with a horsehair brush or a soft cloth.

In very heavily used smooth leather shoes (hiking boots, work shoes, etc.), it can not hurt to apply some leather fat from time to time. In this post, I have summarized the most important to leather fat.

Also, take a look at my article on shoe wax or shoe polish. There I explain the main differences between these two products. If you take care of your leather shoes and do it regularly, you will have much and long pleasure with your shoe.

Further tips for leather shoe care

For all your love for your leather, do not forget to take care of the shoe sole with leather sole oil. You should also consider this at around three months intervals. Get a leather sole oil for it.

Repeat this until no more oil penetrates into the sole. Just wipe the rest and put the shoes (lying on the side) at rest. The leather sole oil from Burgol * (pictured right) I can recommend to you. For example, I tested the Steinhauer leather sole oil.

The leather shoes should be with the above instructions, tips, and tricks no more magic.

For the leather shoes, a shoeshine box can be a suitable option. Therefore, take a look at the current Amazon Bestseller:

The rainy season is not predictable with certainty presence. Very high-intensity rainfall can often cause flooding everywhere.

Rain is very difficult to guess when it came its good you have to prepare everything from health and to the appearance. For those of you who enjoy using leather shoes while working you need to take good care to keep your leather shoes preserved.

Here are some tips to consider for leather shoes during the rainy season:

1. If leather shoes are already underwater do not do the drying to direct sunlight. This can cause the skin on your shoes to the cracks.

2. We think you can do when your shoes are wet because of the water you can do drying with air by drying with a hairdryer.

3. Use a soft cloth and a fluffy brush to clean the dirt from your shoes. Do not be too hard when cleaning because it can make your skin damaged shoes.

4. Never wash your leather shoes with soapy water will make the warning on shoe leather.

5. Silica Gel should always be in your shoe boxes to preserve your leather shoes.

So it’s best if erratic weather conditions should less use shoe leather because of leather shoes while in the office alone. Given the very sensitive skin shoes with water.

Shoe care tips from the experts

Here are some tips from experts. If you pay attention to the mentioned points, you will enjoy your new shoes for a long time:

  1. When putting on and taking off shoes, always open the laces – this not only keeps the shoes fit but also your mobility!
  2. Always wear a shoehorn to wear a shoe – this not only protects the heel area of the leather, but it’s also more comfortable for you and goes faster than shaking it and pushing it until you’re finally in the shoe
  3. Before the first wearing impregnates the new shoes with a suitable agent – in a good shop this service is included in the purchase!
  4. Clean your soiled shoes with a brush; Fine leather shoes should be cleaned with a soft brush or with a soft cloth (please also see our tips on creaming ). Clean suede or nubuck leather with a crepe brush (natural rubber) and then treat with a spray or velor care.
  5. For shoe care, always use the correct shoe polish, spray, or liquid care products from your specialist retailer and apply them evenly.
  6. Polish smooth leather only after drying the care products with a horsehair brush or with a soft cloth.
  7. After wear should be in the shoes of the appropriate shoe trees. (If possible unpainted wood).
  8. Attention! do not use too large tensioners, because damp leather should be able to contract.
  9. When it comes out of the shoe and “smells”: Most insoles are removable and can be cleaned and dried with a damp (not wet!) Cloth and a little mild soap. Soles can also be cleaned in a water bath.
  10. Occasionally treat lugs and hooks with wax (or Vaseline)
  11. Wear your shoes for a maximum of one day. Leather shoes need about 20h. Rest time until the stored moisture has evaporated again. Wet shoes that have become please never put in direct sunlight, on a radiator or similar heat sources to dry. Shoes have to dry slowly, then cream well.
  12. Wear the appropriate footwear (no high heels on dirt roads, etc.)
  13. Do not lend your shoes – each foot is unique and forms its own footbed in the shoe – if there are multiple straps, the foot cannot sit properly in bed. THIS IS ESPECIALLY FOR CHILDREN’S SHOES! Worn children’s shoes “force” the new owners, the foot positions of the previous owner. For the health of your children, you should definitely buy new shoes, so that the small feet can develop properly and get no deformities forced.
  14. Have your shoes repaired on time and only by a specialist (!).

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