Let’s Try Ponytail: So The Braid is an Eye-Catcher!


Not only in sports a popular hairstyle – the ponytail.

Whether classic, elegant or sporty – the ponytail is one of the most popular trend hairstyles in 2020. Here you will find the most beautiful pigtails for restyling. Plus: 3 tricks on how your braid immediately looks thicker!

  • Style the perfect ponytail
  • This is how your braid looks thicker
  • Ponytail in a sleek look
  • High ponytail
  • Wrapped horse’s tail

A life without a ponytail?

Hard to imagine for many women! So a high braid gives a young and casual look. A deep ponytail looks adult and elegant. There is the right braid for every type and occasion.

Style the perfect ponytail

To tie a classic ponytail, it is easiest if your hair is not freshly washed. Incidentally, this also applies to updos and braided hairstyles. If you have very fine, straight hair, you should use dry shampoo or Sea Salt Spray as these styling products provide more grip. Spread the entire hair back as evenly as possible and tie it together with a hair tie at the desired height.

Important: Do not tie the braid daily in the same place, otherwise the constant strain on the hair tie will cause damage such as hair breakage.

Tip: Do not use hair bands with metal parts, because by the sharp edges it strains the hair and it can cause split ends to lead and hair breakage. Prefer to use a spiral or fabric-covered hair ties.

This is how your braid looks thicker

These three simple tricks make sure that the ponytail does not hang down so weakly:

Instead of a hair tie, use two or three instead. This makes the braid stand out more automatically. Even hairstyles with a hairband are a great way to conjure up visually more volume in the ponytail.

Hairpin as a tool: Thread a needle through the back hair elastic and put it vertically in front of the rubber. To make the braid even higher, repeat this with a second hairpin.

The Double Ponytail: First, gather the top and side hair pieces together to form the braid. The remaining hair binds her to the second Ponytail, placing it directly under the first braid and let it fall loose on top of each other. It creates an optical illusion and the braid looks voluminous with just a few simple steps.

There are even more tips here: Tricks for a ponytail with extra volume

Ponytail in a sleek look

It does not always have to be volume! A ponytail can also cause a stir in the sleek look. Important: Smooth the hair before styling and rework the hair lengths after bonding with a straightening iron.

High ponytail

Optically cheats a few kilos and years away: A high-set, voluminous braid not only looks sporty and casual but visually diminishes the face. She should be bound loosely, as hair combed to the back makes the face look round.

Wrapped Horse’s Tail


Once the hair elastic is no longer visible, the braid looks just a lot more elegant. Here’s how it works: Tie a ponytail, then wrap a thin strand around the rubber and fix it inconspicuously with some bobby pins.

Casual Ponytail

The Undone look not only looks casual but can be styled in just a few simple steps. The braid gets even cooler cut when you incorporate beach waves into your hair. Try not to tie the ponytail too well and pull out strands for the perfect Undone Style. It is important that you do not tighten the braid again at the end.


Pretty sophisticated, we find the bubble braid. However, this look works only for very long hair, so at least three Bubbles arise.

Here’s how: First, you have to tie a high ponytail, then you wrap another hair elastic about 5 inches below the first. And so you continue until you have reached the end of the pile. Use thin or transparent rubbers for the bubble braid.

Ponytail: With or without apex?

Loosely bound or strictly summarized behind buttocks: The ponytail is changeable and makes the face look very different. But not only the style but also the part of the head makes a lot. Whether you opt for a side vertex, center parting or no apex is a matter of look.

A plait with a mid-top in a sleek look goes well with a business outfit and a loose braid without a crest matches the festival look.

L’Oréal Paris Ambassadors Lena Meyer-Landrut wore a ponytail in a sleek look at the Cannes Film Festival. To match the elegant dress, her hair and make-up artist Philipp Koch Verheyen chose a large bow of black velvet and styled her hair to the center parting. Great look!

To charm baby hair away

These small, unruly hairs on the hairline are a thorn in the side of many women. How do you get the baby’s hair into shape? With a toothbrush! Spray some hairspray on a toothbrush and comb the protruding hairs into shape. Extra tip: You can also tame baby hair with eyebrow gel. But be sparing and make sure to hit the important color!

Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day? No problem! A severe ponytail with middle or side apex always works. Even if the hair is not washed: For this, spray some dry shampoo into the hair and the Bad Hair Day is passé.

All women always want to look up with their assets. For those of you women who have long hair and beautiful it would not hurt to try your hair with a ponytail style.

Of course, most of you already familiar with the model ponytail hairstyle.

Let's Try Hair Style Ponytail! -3

This ponytail style is interesting and tie all the hair back and let it loose. There are a variety of tips to keep your ponytail pretty and not boring. You can try some of the following kinds of style ponytail.

Let's Try Hair Style Ponytail! -4
Let's Try Hair Style Ponytail! -5

First, you can make a little ponytail cover your ears.

You can make it with your hair neatly combed and then form a bond ponytail right at the back of your neck. This will make your ponytail look very different and beautiful.

Let's Try Hair Style Ponytail! -2

Secondly, there are some women who really like to make the ponytail with a ponytail put into the back collar. This will make you seem cool and stylish.

Let's Try Hair Style Ponytail!

Third, the ponytail is probably very common nowadays. This is the type of ponytail with a high bond. You can tie your hair up high so you can look hotter with a visible neck. You can tie your hair and use a dark-colored rubber. This style is perfect for those who have a slightly shorter neck.

Fourth, your ponytail will be more beautiful if you tie it to your own hair. This style makes you look so perfect ponytail You should comb your hair and leave a little to tie your hair is. You can use the help of a brace to clip the rest of your hair.

You can comb your hair short and tie just behind the neck and then comb your hair is coarse loose parts. This will give a beautiful effect and a little mysterious.

You can also use an additional model of the ponytail with bangs in the front. It will also make you look more sweet and younger than your age. Use hair gel also for a bit of tidying up the back of your hair is loose.

Some models ponytail on top will make you more creative in making a ponytail to make it look not monotonous. You also can still get other unique ideas if you want. Try a little something different and you will look fabulous.

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