LG Optimus G Pro integrates the configuration parameters impressive 5.5-inch screen Full HD ultra sharp Snapdragon chip 600 and excellent multitasking ability.

Launched at MWC exhibition, LG Optimus G Pro is the 3rd product closed on LG phablet segment after the Optimus Vu and Vu II. Unlike the two previous products LG has shown that they can fully launched a leading super food with powerful configuration, modern design and powerful multitasking capabilities although not integrated stylus Stylus.

This model uses a 16:9 aspect ratio screen instead of 4:3 as Optimus Yu is a direct competitor with the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

LG Optimus G Pro Design

LG Optimus G Pro Design LG Optimus G Pro Design-

LG Optimus G Pro thin right in Note II (9.4 mm) but lighter (172 grams compared to 183 grams) To help users easily than a large screen products such as G Optimus Pro, LG has integrated some additional features such as virtual keyboard set aside differences so that the user can manipulate with one hand.

In fact, this product is considered a combination of the older Optimus G and Nexus 4 – a product of Google but LG is a manufacturer of hardware. The rounded edges of the machine but should not curl over as the Nexus 4, nor too straight as Optimus G.

LG Optimus G Pro Software Interface

The left side of the machine is where the volume up button near the center but there are buttons enable quick note QuickMemo. Next to the power button / screen lock and the microUSB port is located at the bottom.

Smoking eye point of the Optimus Pro G is the Full HD screen. It has 400 ppi pixel density aspect ratio of 16:9. Like a number of recent high-end LG smartphone the screen is very bright and super-sensitive. G Optimus Pro screen using in-cell technology as the Nexus 4, so visibility both indoors and outdoors are excellent.

LG Optimus G Pro Software Interface-

Above the screen is a 2-megapixel camera while below are two touch the Back and Menu keys automatically illuminated when operating with a physical home button. The lower edge of the Home button LED can emit light when there are new messages.

The rear of the machine is a 13 megapixel camera & User removable lid to replace battery 3140 mAh or insert the microSIM card and microSD card. Optimus G Pro integrated wireless charging but users will have to buy a separate charger plate from LG.

Software Interface

This model has 2 GB RAM and running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. When you start your computer, you will find a wide range of applications available on Google Maps, Voice Search, Talk, Chrome or YouTube. By Android 4.1, users can also use the Google Now – real-time search feature is based on Google Search. To access Google Now, you hold down the Home button, then click on the Google logo appears at the bottom of the screen.

LG Optimus G Pro Software Interface

About the features of the LG users QuickMemo allows notes directly on the screen of the machine even when it is running any application also, you can used Qslide, multitasking feature has appeared on Optimus G but with the current version, you can zoom in multitasking window or blurring them to easily use a other.

Camera and Video

Camera 13 dots of the many options such as integrated 15x zoom, timer, color effects, white balance, ISO (100-800) and the voice command feature.

This camera also allows you to take pictures in six different modes, including HDR, panorama and VR panorama feature like the Photo Sphere Nexus 4. Picture quality on the LG Optimus G Pro is very good, fast shutter speed, video recording is also very impressed that you almost do not see lag even when objects are moving.


Conclusion LG Optimus G Pro

If you are a loyal LG, you’ll notice recently the company’s products are very good quality. However, with HTC, LG always proved a disadvantage compared with rivals such as Samsung by good communication strategy.

Therefore, though worthy in the top of the top super food of the year, the level of success of the Optimus Pro G is still a question mark especially when it will have to cope with the serious competitor as Xperia Z, HTC One and especially the Samsung Galaxy S IV. It is expected that the international version of Optimus G Pro will be sold on the market in the second quarter.

Strengths: LG Optimus Pro G owns the screen is very sharp, the most powerful quad-core chip and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Weaknesses: its oversized dimensions may make some people uncomfortable. In addition, the machine can not be integrated touch pen stylus.

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