Lipstick Bordeaux Matt: Makeup Tips For Perfect Dark Red Lips


The lipstick Bordeaux matt is one of the biggest makeup trends in recent years. It brings together two of the most popular lip sticking trends: dark nuances and a matte finish. Dark tones have also become a hallmark of fall and winter and can be seen almost anywhere in the cold seasons.

When properly combined, dark fingernails, eyelids, and lips are a real eye-catcher and make for a really attractive look. Do you want to taste the modern Bordeaux lipstick? In the article, you will find great make-up tips for the trendy, dark red kiss.

Lipstick Bordeaux Matt For The Stylish Lady

Lipstick Bordeaux Matt Trend Make Up

Strong, dark tones for the lips are now totally in demand. If they are additionally paired with a matte finish, they look very noble and mysterious.

The Bordeaux red is the star among the dark nuances, especially in autumn and winter. The dark red tone provides the perfect alternative to the classic red lips, giving the look a vamp-like flair that’s in fashion. The matte finish makes the color more intense and is, therefore, something for the brave ladies.

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Who Are Dull Dark Red Lips?

There is no doubt that the dull lips in Bordeaux red look stunning. But they look different for every complexion. For whom is the lipstick Bordeaux matt best suited?

Lipstick Burgundy Matte Decent Eye Make-Up Rita Ora

In the first place, you should note that dull colors can visually reduce the lips. Therefore, ladies with very narrow lips should rather do without dainty lipsticks. The unsightly effect can be enhanced even more by the dark color. In this case, a glossy version in a lighter tone is recommended.

Dark Red Lipstick Matte Burgundy Rihanna

Women with dark skin and dark hair are definitely right with rich reds like Bordeaux red. The dark red nuance brings the skin color to advantage and sets a beautiful accent. A good example here is Rihanna, who often resorts to the attractive color for the lips.

Lipstick Burgundy Matte Make Up Tips Lily Collins

The ladies with a pale, snow white complexion can make a dull impression with the lipstick Bordeaux. It is important to keep the other make-up reduced because strong lip colors do not tolerate too much competition. Examples of this guy are Hollywood stars like Liv Tyler, Kristen Stewart, and Lily Collins.

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Lipstick Bordeaux Matt: How To Wear It Correctly!

A prerequisite for dull lipstick well-groomed and even lips. Dry, chapped lips are emphasized by the dull colors and look anything but pretty. Therefore, it is recommended to invest a little time in lip scrub. For example, you can make a sugar peel yourself to make the dry lips silky smooth again.

Burgundy Red Lipstick Matt Autumn Trend

If you choose a Bordeaux lipstick, small mistakes will be noticed immediately. The complexion should, therefore, be as even as possible. For a perfect overall look, you should first prime the skin by dabbing the makeup lightly over the lips. Thus, no color margin between lip color and face.

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Matt Lipstick Burgundy Pale Complexion

You should not wear rouge to a lipstick Bordeaux matt. As a rule, dark red lips need almost no other makeup. A nude foundation and some mascara to emphasize the eyes are enough. Nevertheless, one may make-up on special occasions the eyes with matching eyeshadow and an eyeliner. The eyebrows should look just as perfect.

Dark Lips Makeup Burgundy Lipstick Matte

The lipstick Bordeaux matt combines wonderfully with dark clothes and is often worn to glamorous parties. For an evening with the girls, however, he is just as good. The outfit is not supposed to have bright tones and be rather neutral.

Make Up The Lips Dark Red

For the perfect matte Bordeaux lips, you should first accurately trace the lip contour with a dark red lip liner. In this way, there is no danger that the color will leak in a moment.

Then make-up the lipstick by applying a thin brush. So he can be better distributed. Now dab with a paper towel, apply a second coat of paint and dab again. Finished!

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