Look On The Reverse Smokey Eye


The smoky eye is the top of the display for several years. This trend make-up is to apply the dark shadow, preferably black or gray on the upper eyelid, while admonishing slightly below the eye, enhanced with a dash of kohl and mascara thick.

Look On The Reverse Smokey Eye

The eye fits perfectly smoked daily with a rock style as with a sophisticated look for special occasions.

But that was … before. Now to display a unique style and sharp, it must revise its copy and change everything. The dark color is now under the lower lashes! But do not throw especially not what you used to make your smoky eye so far, it is only the actions that change.

Material For A Perfect Smokey-Eye

  • A concealer
  • A highlighter and a blush darker
  • A pencil the same color as the dark shadow
  • Mascara in the same colors as the pencil and the paint
  • A fine brush

How to get a Smokey-eye reversed?

The first thing to do to make your perfect smokey eye is blurred or dark circles. Nothing complicated so far: a little bit of concealer and voila.

Take a pencil a bit lighter than the paint chosen and draw a thin line along the lash line. Using a brush, apply the dark eye shadow just below without putting too panda to avoid the effect. A little white pencil in the hollow of the eye will bring a touch of light to the eye.

Then put one or copper iridescent highlighter on the upper eyelid, the most important being that it does not steal the spotlight from one placed below the eye.

Finish your work with a coat of mascara in the same colors as the smoky: you are the point of the trend!

Regarding the rest of the make up, having relied on a tailored look, we limit the makeup of the mouth, lip gloss transparent enough and a touch of pink blush on the cheeks to give a healthy glow.

With this makeup, you will surprise your friends and feel at your party!

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