Looks Professional with Casual Clothing

Looks Professional with Casual Clothing
Looks Professional with Casual Clothing

Current fashion trend is being so developed so more and more varied range of options. In the world of work for example, some companies are not too strict in giving the dress rules on its employees. Most importantly clothes still look decent and presentable.

Your flexibility in combining work clothes is comfortable and courteous would be better if combined with a style that is able to highlight the professional nature of the work. This can be obtained from several models combine and mix and match certain outfits, so it will still look professional as well as casual. Some of the clothes that are relaxed can be used at work but still gives the impression of a professional such as:


Usefulness of the outfit this one is likely to ever widening. When the first dress is only worn to a party this time dress can also be used to go to work in the office. However, that must be considered is the model of the dress. Models dress must still reflect your professionalism and dress bias is not a model used to go have fun.


models that can be used to dress to go to the office such as Silk Dress, Chambray Dress, and Shift Dress . Silk Dress is a dress made of silk and eligible to go to the office. This type of dress can be worn with skin flats and alloy oversized clock or clock man.

With a dress like that you will still look stylish and professional. Chambray Dress also can be your choice to perform with style that is simple and not complicated. You can add accessories such as a necklace to make it look more attractive. The latest was a Shift Dress can also be worn as an alternative to the office. Pair this dress with a classic kind of heels and minimal accessories.


Jeans are identical as casual clothes to wear to the event an event that is not official. However, it turns out jeans can also be an option to be worn at work. That must be considered is choosing the right combination of clothes that still look professional. Combinations that can be selected include alloy jeans with a blazer jeans with a blouse or jeans with Sequins cardigan.

That seemed casual and formal; you can mix and match the jeans with the inner and blazer. Colors are usually chosen for a formal event like dark denim to the office or a soft blue with plain tops. Furthermore, you can also combine jeans with a blouse Sequins.

Combination with this type of clothing is suitable for those who are in the field of marketing or fashion. Another option is to combine jeans with a cardigan. Cardigan paired with jeans and high heels to make the look more casual but still professional.


Later, a type of clothing that is increasingly in demand. Similarly, dress batik is more widely used in formal occasions. However, it would not hurt if you choose batik as work clothes.

Batik can be paired with jeans or skirts models. Pick color dark color batik to still look formal when worn while working. It could also choose a long sleeved batik or collared. Batik can also be combined with a blazer that looks more stable. Good luck

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