Luisa Spagnoli Clothing Accessories Christmas 2015 & New Year 2016


Luisa Spagnoli clothing accessories to approach the holidays and Luisa Spagnoli also offers us the clothing accessories for Christmas 2015 and New Year 2016

The holidays are approaching and it’s time to think about the look of our Christmas and New Year, choose the clothes and accessories to shine in recent weeks cheerful and colorful. The Christmas holidays are a great opportunity to buy some new boss, exploiting the thirteenth to spoil yourself … if you’re lucky enough to receive it of course! If you are looking for a dress glamorous, sparkling and beautiful for Christmas 2014 take a look at the beautiful Luisa Spagnoli proposals!

Luisa Spagnoli Clothing Accessories 2015 2016

Luisa Spagnoli clothing accessories

Luisa Spagnoli presents us with a mini Christmas collection, although it would be more correct to say, dedicated to the festivities, in general, given that these beautiful dresses are bright and airy, perfect for an evening by the end of the year in the nightclub at a party but also in explosive home or farm. Luisa Spagnoli, we propose two total looks very pretty and feminine, perfect for women of all ages that can be combined with a coordinated clutch.


For those who love to show off a fashion style and glamor, Luisa Spagnoli offers a beautiful gold jacquard sheath dress with working with print-style upholstery, a model cut very simple and basic in which she plays a predominant role in the processing of the tissue. The other dress is more romantic and bon ton, a soft and fluffy dress in silk georgette, which resembles the look Charleston twenties.


You can match these dresses to clutch Irina, a model declined with metallic tones ranging from gold to bronze embellished with a closure with studs and crystals of light. It ‘available in a light shade from shades of champagne and a darker gold in a beautiful bronzed.

Photos Source By Luisa Spagnoli

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