Best Lumi Magique Foundation Ingredients – L’Oreal New Features For 2021


L’Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation Ingredients although my favorite type of foundation remains foam powders often use those current. I cannot resist not trying some of the new features that are constantly appearing on the market promising new developments and quality.

So I wanted to try and L’Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation and is there really magical as its name says to find out in this article.

Lumi Magique

L’oreal Lumi Magique Foundation Shades

At first glance, this product draws it’s really nice and high-quality packaging. If you ask me the packaging is a big hit. The bottle is glass which gives a sense of better quality and greater value and is also a transparent and you will see how much you spent powder. I also like the practical pump that is very interesting rose gold color.

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation

The powder comes in packages of 30 ml it has SPF 18 and the shelf life is 12 months. And speaking of factual data the price is around £ 115 depending on the drug store where you buy it. So in DM 116.90 and for example in Müller in 114.90.

So, if you decide to buy be sure to check if you can catch it somewhere cheaper.

In L’Oreal “Lumi Magique” collection, there are also pubs and BB cream.

pubs and BB cream

Lumi Magique is a powder that should give the skin a natural glow 24-hour hydration and 14 hours of endurance. On the back of the product’s description where you can find words like “ray of light”, “illuminating” or “radiance” and immediately you can be clear to those of you who want frosted face at the outset can opt-out of this product.

Also, I would not recommend it to girls who have problems with oily skin. This powder really gives a glow and promises.

As hydration is concerned I can only say that we do not leave the dry parts of the facial skin after you soak (in my case with some other powders that are happening in the area of the nose).

Her persistence is also quite good. I’ve never had to face more than 7-8 hours, so I do not know if I served 14 that promises but after those 7-8 are held quite well. Of course, it did not look like a freshly poured but covered is quite satisfactory.

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation -2

Lumi Magique Foundation – I have a shade N4 Pure Beige. It is a cold color undertone that my best suit in the summer when my skin was a little darker.

As the summer just ended I’ll manage it a little worn but I’m afraid that they will be among the winter rarely used powders. Unless you do not dare to buy some of the lighter shades.

In the picture above I have compared shade N4 with some of the powders that are on the market would be in for a long time and that certainly has a lot of girls in my makeup collection.

You may notice that most closely matches the shade N4 Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum shades 55 and thus falls under the dark powder in my collection. Therefore, in my case ideal for summer and fall.

N4 Pure Beige Lumi Magique

Such a comparison shades like working and shopping when I was looking for a new powder. Under those strange lights, the drugstore is easiest to do this little test on your arm compared powders that you already have with what you want to buy. Much easier to discover a new shade of foundation that will suit you if you already know who you used to be as a good foundation.

Lumi Magique Foundation – Hiding power as you can see in the picture above it is quite good all depending on how many layers apply and which method you use to brush …

The figure below powder I inflicted in a single layer and fingers and her face looks quite natural. Also, I must mention that the shade darker than live in the picture but I took pictures with flash a foundation has SPF 18 so you already know that it lightens the shade.

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation

When everything considered I’m satisfied with this product and I’d give him a mark of 4.5 / 5th Not go wrong for a lot of high cost and scarcity of choice of shades. Also, girls with oily skin probably will not choose. If you have normal or dry skin and find the right shade this product will delight you.

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