Losing Weight With Diet & Low-Carb


Losing weight with diet & Low-carbohydrate diets reduced carbohydrate suitable for those who want to lose fat.

This is not only effective method of weight loss, popular all over the world but also a cure for obesity and diabetes. These beautiful angels of the famous lingerie firm Victoria’s Secret also applied to a low-carb diet in combination with exercise to get the perfect body.

Principles of Losing Weight With Diet Low-Carb

The cause of obesity is caused by eating more carbohydrates into the body the amount of carbohydrates that will turn into blood glucose blood glucose increased leading to the body secretes insulin to get blood sugar back to a stable level and turn blood glucose into fat.

Losing Weight With Diet

Carbohydrate and fat are the two key energy source of the body. So, if the removal of energy from carbohydrates, the body will burn energy from fat in the body so that the body works from which a low-carb diet can reduce weight.

The principle of this diet is “low-carb, high fat, high protein.” The diet must be completely removed foods rich in carbohydrate (carb). Besides, things are comfortable eating foods rich in protein and fat.

Absolute Must Abstain From Food In A Low-Carb Diet

  • Cereals and grains: rice, rice, rice, bread, noodles, potatoes, corn, beans, cashew nuts, sesame, peanuts, soybeans.
  • Sugar, milk, cake, candy, soft drinks
  • All types of fruit (dieters must abstain from all kinds of fruit at least the first 2 weeks made low-carb mode)
  • All kinds of fast food

Losing Weight With Diet & Low-Carb-


The Dish Can Be Eaten Comfortably In The Low-Carb Diet

  • All kinds of meat and fat
  • All kinds of eggs
  • Vegetable oil or oil made from animal fat
  • All kinds of seafood
  • Butter and Cheese
  • Other vegetables and tubers are high in fiber, contain no starch and sugar (such as squash, kohlrabi, celery, asparagus, pennywort, spinach, cucumber peeled …)
  • Spices

A Few Things To Note

Eat fresh meat rather than using canned meat because meat box was added carbohydrate.

  • Pay attention to the ingredients when the use of ketchup, mayonnaise … because they may contain sugar.
  • You can eat whenever hungry.
  • Must be combined with exercise to be able to lose weight effectively.

Diet Low-carb is not too strict. Dieters just under a strict regime in the first two weeks. Some time later, they can skip this mode 1 or 2 days a week if you feel the urge for something containing carbohydrate, low-carb regime hence lose efficiency. This method is considered the perfect diet, become lifelong lifestyle of many people because not only help you lose weight, keep in shape, but also good for health.

Losing Weight With Diet & Low-Carb

You can refer to the menu and select the appropriate menu formula here.

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