Love Poems for Valentine’s Day By Edward Assad About Love


Love Poems for Valentine’s Day, written by famous poet Eduard Asadov, February 14, you can give your loved one who is or was in your life.

Love Poems for Valentine's Day

About Love Poems for Valentine’s Day By Edward Assad

My love

Well, what you possess a secret?
What took me and when?
But with you I always, always,
day and night, summer and winter Area l go for the big Ile noisy sit table Whenever I whisper your name – And we are with you together . When happy or sad I and when I suffer insults, and rejoicing, I love you, and love you in adversity. Even if very strong sleep anyway you like!

They say that the days of whirlwind
true feelings do not worry.
It is said that only death
can extinguish them forever. I do not know the last day, but without high-profile speeches to say: Death, of course, stronger than me, but my love is not strong. And when that time comes And I graduated from the path of the Earth, Know that my love will not go away. And stay here with you. Suitable without complaints and tears, and invisible to the eyes of strangers, as if good and faithful dog, put your knees on the nose and swerve at your feet.

When I speak of the beauty

When I talk about the beauty
enthusiastic, and sometimes love,
I somehow listening to, unwittingly
Now remember you.

When I sometimes, name calling,
femininity someone say
again I somehow remember
your gentle gesture, and your voice and opinion. Your all I can clearly see the features, Your words are heard everywhere, Where b nor was I – with me only you, And the proud, you little right. And yet, the heart of loving praise, I try to live without becoming arrogant: After hearing somewhere about a grumpy disposition, I too remember about you …

You wretched character

You wretched character.
And the eyes are not so good too.
Look insincere. And, perhaps
even at all, and no soul. And the person you like at all, for the artist did not find, Plus – chicken walk, and not a nice laugh.

And easily without doctors realized
that you and the heart is not beating.
Is there weirdo
What about you begin to suffer ?! Night, winking lights, quietly spinning outside the window. And your laughing portrait in the frame above my desk working. Oh, ridiculous expectations! I stand in front of him … smoke … Well, come at least once on a date! Well I say this in anger!

How many of those with whom you can go to bed

How many of those with whom you can go to bed,
how little those who want to wake up
in the morning, parting smile,
and waved and smiled,
And the whole day, worrying, waiting for news.
How many of those with whom you can just live
drinking morning coffee, talking and arguing
Who do I go to rest at sea,
and, as expected – and in joy and in sorrow
Be there … But it is not like
how little those who want to dream!
Watch as swarming clouds in the sky,

Write words of love on the first snow
and think only about the man
and happiness no longer know and do not wish to.
How few of those with whom you can be silent,
who understands perfectly with the floor look,
who do not mind giving year after year,
and for the Who can you, as a reward,
any pain, any penalty to take
… And so it winds this rigmarole –
easy to meet, without pain to part
That’s because many of those with whom you can go to bed.
That’s because few of those with whom you want to wake up …….

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