Lunar Calendar Haircuts And Hair Care By The Hairdresser

Lunar Calendar Haircuts And Hair Care
Lunar Calendar Haircuts And Hair Care

Hike to the hairdresser – an important and responsible task to choose a hairstyle, find free time to negotiate with the master and very useful to look into the lunar calendar because the moon affects the functioning of the organism as a whole and in particular the condition of the hair.

The correct choice of the date for haircuts, perms, hair coloring not such a difficult task: we only need to know on what day of the Moon, it must, in which the sign of the zodiac and what phase is the Moon.

Considering all these factors, we have compiled a calendar of hairstyles and that to your attention.

Lunar Calendar Haircuts And Hair Care-

Lunar Calendar Haircuts

1 – Not the most auspicious day for cutting and coloring hair. However, in this day you can spend at home looking after the procedure, for example, to treatment hair mask. Effectively rinse decoction of chamomile.

2 – Clipper poor day but deep cleaning using special shampoos hair will benefit.

3 – An auspicious day for the massage of the head, the use of herbal concoctions. The haircut can only be checked at the master and the better to abandon the experiment with the form of hair.

4 – The hair should be treated with care, it is recommended to wash them with cool water. If you use a hair dryer to dry, do not put it to maximum temperature, use the facilities for thermal hair.

5 – To cut their hair is undesirable Effective caring mask, which include juices or extracts of fruits and vegetables.

6 – Clipper day is unfavorable; you can brush up on the tips only. Dyeing hair is undesirable – the color will not be persistent. It is useful to contrast shower head.

7 – The undesirable use of aggressive styling, better to have an easy means of fixation. Hair masks should have a light texture and washed off without effort.

8 – An unfavorable day for a change of images but if you basically like creative hairstyle – you can try something new Effective haircut hot scissors.

9 – Cutting hair is not desirable but the variety of spa treatments for hair is useful and effective.

10 – The day you can update the hair, refresh the form of haircuts. Pay attention to the hairdresser’s tools: pair of scissors should be very sharp.

11 – Should not experiment with any hairstyle or hair with the hair better lay in a familiar way?

12 – An auspicious day for cutting hair. You can start taking vitamins for hair, use herbal teas, a mask with extracts of herbs.

13 – An auspicious day for cutting hair. Aromatherapy is effective; it is possible to make a mask, which contains essential oils.

14 – You can do a perm. Haircut made on this day will keep long form but does not improve the condition of the hair. You can carry out procedures aimed at getting rid of dandruff.

15 – You can curl and straighten your hair, make complex, mask & Effective thermal treatments.

16 – An auspicious day for deep cleansing of hair, removal of old paint. You can lighten hair.

17 – You can refresh the tips, update the form haircuts. Radically change the image is not recommended.

18 – Should be treated with special care to the hair. It is undesirable to collect them in a tight tails and tufts make sophisticated styling. It is recommended to wash your hair with clean water without the use of special tools.

19 – You can do hair using a variety of wicker, weave African braids. Effective mask based on dairy products.

20 – It is desirable to give the hair a rest. You can only do the simplest of haircuts that do not require complicated installation.

21 – Is not desirable to experiment with hair. Sophisticated hairstyles and styling will not hold for long.

22 – Can dramatically change the hairstyle, make a new haircut, dye your hair but only if it was well thought out before.

23 – An auspicious day for hair cutting, coloring, highlighting, coloring. Auspicious day for the realization of any creative ideas related to image & Effective masks, which include grape extract and grape seed oil.

24 – From the point of view of cutting hair day neutral: the result will not disappoint but is unlikely to be outstanding. You can make oil masks.

25 – An auspicious day for haircut hot scissors.

26 – Fundamental changes are undesirable can only refresh the ends of her hair. Do not experiment with drugs and caring styling products.

27 – The benefit will go head massage douche. If you dry your hair dryer – do it at the lowest temperature. Effective masks, which include pomegranate juice.

28 – You can do only a very short haircut. Cut hair will certainly need to burn.

29 – Effective masks which contain dairy products or extracts of nuts.

30 – Haircut desired, you can slightly lighten your hair.

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