Magic Short Nails & Broken So Beautiful with Nail Extension Techniques


Not everyone can elongate the nail. Most of the problem is difficult to lengthen their nails fragile because it’s easy, so just a little grown had a broken nail. In fact, many women who want to have long nails so shiny fingers look more slender.

Magic Short Nails & Broken So Beautiful with Nail Extension Techniques

If all means have been tried, ranging from treatments with natural ingredients to nourish nails with vitamins but remains fragile and hard nails extended, perhaps you could do the other way. There is a technique to lengthen the nail polish nail extension or connection.

shelookbook opportunity to try nail extensions in a nail spa named Princess Nail Art at Pacific Place. Outdoor shades of pink that is not too big, yet comfortable enough to perform a variety of treatments. Customer may be seated in a comfortable treatment couch, so it still feels like nail extensions even last long enough around nearly two hours.

The technique uses powder acrylic nail extensions (acrylic powder) and a special liquid. Powder is mixed with a liquid, which is then formed on the surface of the nail. Once dried, the acrylic hardens and becomes like a natural nail shape.

Starting the treatment, the therapist cleaning with nail polish remover when using nail polish then nails and cuticles cut after that, the nails should be filed in all parts, as if still subtle, acrylic will be difficult to stick to Nails are then mounted buffer & Buffer that will connect with the acrylic nail. Buffer shaped foil also serves as a measure, how long you want your nails.

Once the buffer is installed, smear acrylic powder is added with special liquid begins. When Apply dip on the surface of the nail, acrylic powder turns into a gel & the therapist gently daub acrylic nails and the entire buffer.

After all fingernails painted acrylic. Nails will be silenced for a moment and then buffering removed and voila, the nails become longer. To refine nail file and shape as desired (oval or square). The last part is adorned with the outward appearance of the nail polish.

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