How To Make A Homemade Gift To Wedding Guests?

Leaving a souvenir of your wedding to your guests is almost indispensable. They mostly often contributed to her organization and them also all made the trip for you. So why not just thank them?

Homemade Gift To Wedding Guests

Here are gift ideas for your wedding guests.

Why make a house gift to her wedding guests?

The advantage of a homemade gift is that it can be customized according to the guests. It is also a way to personally thank each of the people who celebrated with joy and with you this beautiful event.

Doing it yourself is also a way to decrease costs because buying a gift, even small; each guest can quickly become a big budget.

Early start these wedding gifts made to your guests, as some may require time and everyone know that they often lack when preparing a wedding!

Wedding Gift Ideas for Guests: Relaxation

This day being the sign of happiness and the celebration of love, it will be generally well watered for most of your guests. To help them recover quickly and regain the upper hand the next morning, why not offer them a “coffee moment“.

To do this, you just need to buy small test tubes that you will fill with instant coffee and sugar beads. There is no more missing than the thank you label with your first names and the date of the wedding, and the trick is played.

In the same spirit of relaxation and comfort, you can easily make scented candles with different colors. You can also simply take the favorite color of each of the bride and groom for more originality. Here is a wedding gift idea that will melt your guests!

For a slightly more chic side, make your candle in a nice little pot. Choose it high and not too wide.

If you have already tested DIY cosmetics, try making a relaxing cream. Your guests will surely enjoy a few messages with the cream to alleviate the muscles caused by the follies made on the dance floor! It will also make sense as part of a Zen ambiance wedding.

We put on gluttony to spoil the guests of the wedding

If you are reputed to be blue ribbons or simply because you are fine gourmets, why not share your passion for gastronomy with all your guests through a wedding gift. There are many ideas, so make you happy!

For example, you can make a jar containing the basic ingredients to make a chocolate cake or cookies. All you have to do is add the recipe to a small cardboard that you will hang from the lid.

You can also make small jars of jams or offer a small flask customized containing your favorite alcohol (fruit liqueurs, cognac, whiskey, rum …).

If you are addicted to candy, make homemade marshmallows in the colors of your wedding.

Because seasoning is important, you can also offer flasks of salt with a sprig of rosemary to flavor or spice jars.

Wedding gift ideas for guests: nature

When placed on plants, one has the advantage that they also serve as decoration for tables. If you are the type to have a green hand, let it know by offering a small plant that will not require much maintenance as a greasy plant.

This wedding gift for the guests always makes recipe. Also show originality by offering them a small watering can to which you will hang a sachet of the seeds to plant (basil, parsley, coriander …). You will thus sow love around you!

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