Make-up Diva 20 Years for Carnival Made With Mineral Makeup

Make-up Diva 20 Years for Carnival Made With Mineral Makeup
Make-up Diva 20 Years for Carnival Made With Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup also at Carnival! For a chic and refined look, let’s jump in the 20s and the stars of that era. The make-up artist Giuliana Arcarese explains step by step how to do it.

Carnival closer and closer and the chance to dress to the nines with masks and exaggerated makeup attract not only the little ones. Even adults are fascinated by the idea of dressing up and for the ladies there are many chances of finding a suitable carnival look to their personality for lovers of the stars of the twenties, elegant and refined, the makeup tutorial that follows is perfect. The make-up artist Giuliana Arcarese will explain how to make a beautiful make-up 20 years using mineral makeup products.

In October last year, the brand had launched the Snow Cosmetics Twenties Icon, a collection entirely inspired by that period and the good Giuliana, who has long collaborated with the brand of Piedmont was inspired by those vintage tones as proposed by Snow, delighting you with a image that explains step by step how to transform those noblewomen in a little ‘ snob average of the Belle Epoque.

You have to remember that the look of that period was based on a few main points: milky complexion not to be confused with the working class, almost non-existent eyebrows, lips and eye makeup very marked at heart with very dark lipsticks. To top it all there was then a thinness almost androgynous clothes that do not exalted forms but rather ran down very soft (especially on the waist) medium-short hairstyle that left open the neck: single flap of skin on the body “sight” as well as a part of the arms.

After applying a mineral bottom all over your face (preferably a couple of shades lighter than our normal color) it passes a light veil of powder that enhances the illuminating pallor. Then you will hide your eyebrows with a pencil in white soft tip plus a touch of concealer and use it instead of the black one to draw a new thinner and longer at this point we pass to ‘shadow, using a dark plum dry in the inner corner of the eye and its wet version instead of the entire upper eyelid.

Make-up Diva 20 Years for Carnival Made With Mineral Makeup

To reinforce the depth of the look we use a pencil violates both the top and bottom of rhyme and to open her eyes pass a white light pencil in the lower rim of the eye. Well and then apply a wet green eyeshadow on the middle part of the upper eyelid, a veil of illuminating under the browbone and finish with black mascara and false eyelashes possible.

We use a light blush on the cheekbones to spread sfumatissimo only bone of the cheek, while the mouth draw a heart with a clear lip pencil with which we will also help to “erase” the corners. A light concealer stick will complete the work. Finally, we use a red lip pencil to color the heart and superimpose a very dark red lipstick or a mineral pigment of the same hue mixed with nectar lip or dissolved in a small piece of normal cocoa butter.

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