Makeup Beauty Box On Christmas For Girls


Makeup beauty box achieved a Christmas survey of its subscribers around the world. We learn more about the gifts of the French budget and expectations under the tree

Women cannot know what they want; but at Christmas the rule does not apply. In a survey by makeup beauty box, brand beauty kits highlight the relationship between women and the Christmas period. Between the budget dedicated to shopping and expectations aside present, the subscribers of makeup beauty box have lent to the questionnaire placed under the sign of beauty. Yes, because according to makeup beauty box survey, 63.2% of women say they want to receive cosmetics under the tree! The French would be 57.8% to plebiscite at Christmas beauty products, against 77% for English.

Makeup Beauty Box On Christmas For Girls

Makeup Beauty Box Maximum For Their Christmas Shopping

If we are well aware that this makeup beauty box survey is a seasoned public of beauty addicts, we can easily argue that cosmetics as those involved in the Advent calendar makeup beauty box for Christmas are an ideal gift for all women, including initiated. Provided that this is not an anti-wrinkle cream!

Makeup beauty box

For the French and American women, jewelry is the second perfect Christmas gift while the British and Germans choose the fragrance as a second choice. Anyway, the important thing for women is that the gifts they receive at Christmas are customized and unexpected! According makeup beauty box survey, 76.7% of French wishing to receive a gift chosen with care and according to their taste. However, for the French, no need to spend € 1,000 for Christmas gifts like the Americans does it to 16.2%! The French have understood that it’s the thought that counts, as they are 1/3 to spend € 250 maximum for their Christmas shopping. One thing is certain, the French return to their budget if they wish in turn offer one of our top 5 box of makeup beauty box my beauty box, that meet all the criteria of choice of women at Christmas: cosmetics, small prices and personalized gift. No more hassle of Christmas shopping with makeup beauty box the answer is before your eyes.


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