Makeup Brown Eyes Which Colors to Choose For Them The Greatest


Makeup Brown EyesWhat colors can we choose to implement a hack to brown eyes to make them bigger if they are a bit ‘little ones? Here are all the tricks of the “trade” in order to make your look more charming and alluring.

Perfect Makeup Brown Eyes

Makeup for brown eyes to make them bigger is perfect for all those women who have their eyes a little ‘small and want to make them look more charming, more attractive, bigger, in fact. There are little tricks that we can use when we go to achieve the make up of our little brown eyes.

Makeup Brown Eyes

The look should be illuminated, so you have to use tones that serve to make brighter our eyes, thus widening, only virtually, our gaze: the make-up artist when they go to make up brown eyes, using for example, eye shadows with light tones, perhaps with a touch of light shining like glitter and dust.

Makeup Brown Eyes

Remember to always apply a bit ‘of this eye shadow in the inner corner of the eye, sfumandolo to make it look more open on the inside of the eyelid is best to use light colors, which are then shaded with darker shades as you would closer to the outside of the eyelid.

The darker color should always be used for the outer part of the eye, reserving the clear shade for the interior, you can also use a white pencil instead of the black one, always remembering to blend eye shadows, choosing light colors such as pink pale, beige, ivory, green or blue light.

Makeup Brown Eyes

Remember to also take very good care of your eyebrows, which must be very thin and cured, not shabby.

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