Makeup Challenge 8 Double Liner

Makeup Challenge 8 Double Liner
Makeup Challenge 8 Double Liner

The eighth challenge liner again but this time it was a double order Bratz incorporated into daily evening and extreme makeup look below.


Makeup Challenge 8 Double Liner -7

For this challenge I decided to make a festive make up in which I fit a double liner. In addition I strongly emphasized the raspberry lip color and artificial eye lashes.

Makeup Challenge 8 Double Liner -6 Makeup Challenge 8 Double Liner -5

Uptown Girl

Makeup Challenge 8 Double Liner -4

This time I got a little carried away so I did look that ii is not portable but it’s all a super easy and very striking. So I made a white pencil preferred form of showers then purple and pink eye shadow fixed and their transitions check myself . I made a black ink line shower I extend this time on the lower eyelid and left him to” hang”, in the inner corner of the eye it also extended the lips have Misslyn lipstick in shade 188

Makeup Challenge 8 Double Liner -3 Makeup Challenge 8 Double Liner -2


This time I decided to look at the one that will be excellent for all occasions and it is a combination of red and blue shower and red lipstick. We call it “pin up with a twist” for duplicate lines and blue. I have to admit that I really like this combination and lately I wear it very often. Look’s really easy to perform. If you are skilled with a shower then you will not have any problems and if you shower make trouble when applied then I suggest you look mimic using eye shadow or eyeliner. Blue shower I use the Look by in shades 3 Blue Night black eyeliner is Essence I Style. This look can perform in all sorts of color combinations you can combine two colors on the eyes and lips or black bath and shower with colored lips in color.

Makeup Challenge 8 Double Liner -9


Makeup Challenge 8 Double Liner -8

I’m afraid that this time none of the whole face shots I concentrated on eyeliner you can see from the attached but that day I was just afraid of hair and the unwritten rule is hairdressers and chemistry that is the most beautiful color after the first or second washing your hair so I You were too weird that I am giving you this freshly painted pictures. I hope you do not mind so get the hot palette and I took inspiration for the colors. In fact, for some time I wanted to make this look there are a few months but can catch the time. I played around with a few colors and plied them wet slanted brush.

Makeup Challenge 8 Double Liner Makeup Challenge 8 Double Liner -1

Since I recently sold my 88 range I red color from inner corner of the eye had “come up” with blush. Even I used dark and golden orange, yellow, light and dark green, turquoise, light and dark blue indigo and violet and to highlight under the brow satin light champagne eye shadow. Through thick colorful lines on the edge of the eyelids went pinstripe shower in the spirit of the double eyeliner.

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