Givenchy Makeup Collection For Spring Summer


Givenchy Makeup in summer, Givenchy offers us a collection Private Hotel. A summer collection but not too much. Givenchy Hotel and Private collection for spring-summer 2014 2015 did not really set the mood of spring. This collection does not mention at all the birds singing and flowers blooming. According to Nicolas Degennes, Private Hotel is a collection that “gives a subtle elegance.” Private Hotel with its collection, Givenchy offers us a line make up very much inspired by French luxury hotels.

Eye shadow, lip gloss, varnish, mascara, foundation unifying … Givenchy brings a range connoted luxury and discretion. For luxury we agree but respect the discretion we are a little disappointed. And yes the spring season for us is the opportunity to blow the flashy colors. And here we Givenchy offer what? Varnish autumn. A little depressing. When you see the 10 manicures copy of the New York Fashion Week, one wonders how we will cope with these two nail Givenchy.

Givenchy Makeup 2014 2015

Makeup Collection For Spring Summer 2013 5

Fortunately, there is a line of ultra nail couture Givenchy reinvigorate everything. But to stay in the Hotel Private collection this is the gloss that will raise the level. Called Gloss Interdict No. 36, she is the one we want to see your lips next spring. A little pep in this collection with pastel colors and sad. Givenchy does us no heart beat this year. Do not throw stones at Givenchy one must still admit that collection Hotel Private Givenchy is still the make up luxury and quality? But this summer Givenchy has decided to abandon the flashy girls to meet girls discreet.

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