How to Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes In Party Spectacular Look


You have brown eyes and want to know how you can eye make up for brown eyes? You are lucky! In this article, I will share some tricks of makeup for brown eyes. With such tricks have a look spectacular?

How Makeup for Brown Eyes Step by Step

I’ll tell you below how to make up for brown eyes, step by step. I will propose a makeup for the party which I hope to enjoy it. First and always, apply a base coat, a color shadow pier ii or vanilla. you can elect to use a pre-bases eye. Why? For it to last longer. Certainly, you want it to hold out until morning.

Based Pre Makeup For Brown Eyes
Based Pre Makeup For Brown Eyes

I’ll explain in a moment and simply as possible what this pre-basic. A few drops of this product will be sufficient.

Extends throughout the eye, fingertip or with a brush (brush must be completely clean to not contaminate eyes). Then you have a few seconds left to act. You will see that it will dry immediately and have a consistency that will barely notice. The pre-eye basis is useful in determining eyeshadow because it resists intact longer. Usually, when we go to a party, not long lasting makeup. Dance, get warm, perspire, we touch so we often face makeup goes.

Brown Eyes Makeup Tricks Step by Step
Brown Eyes Makeup Tricks Step by Step

After you finish the pre-basic, you must apply eyeliner pencil drawing a line cat, a small tail cat who will then have defined a dark eyeshadow. It should not be used too much eyeliner but because it should be more or less defined.

Then apply eyeshadow in a shade magenta area between the eyebrow and eyelid there are mobile. It should not be applied under makeup eyebrow arch and soon after, metallic eyeshadow shades. Finally, the line goes from the tear duct to tail cat, apply a bright eyeshadow, one that is fashionable party look very good.

It has finished applying makeup false eyelashes if you like, or simply applying mascara on the eyelashes. Do not forget to apply a coat, use a pair of genes back, apply a second coat, because the genes to be denser.

False Eyelashes Makeup For Brown Eyes

With you find this makeup party. You like? Did you make up that way? I recommend that you take such makeup. You will certainly be delighted with it, and people will admire you look attractive.

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