Makeup Spring Summer 2014-2015 Trends Of The Big Brands

Makeup Spring Summer 2014-2015 Trends Of The Big Brands

Makeup Spring Summer 2014-2015 Trends Of The Big Brands

Here are the trends of some big brands with regard to the makeup spring summer 2014

The spring season is just around the corner and every woman goes in search of seasonal trends to be copied to be glamorous and chic, which is why we have decided to tell you about the makeup trends for spring summer 2014 seconds international brands, as you will see mentioned in the image posted above.

Makeup Spring Summer 2014-2015 Trends

Each brand has their own ideas to be offered on the market and not all of them can be seen by buyers willingly, because not all women have the same tastes. We start talking about Chanel, whose collection is named Notes de Printemps.

His goal is to use shades like pink, purple and red I, the first shades are used for the eyes, with a rather natural, while red is dominant on the nails.

We continue with YSL and his collection Flower Crush: from the name, we can understand that he has decided to draw inspiration from flowers, especially peonies. It is a good choice and perfect for all women who want a color that is not too intense, but at the same time bright. Even Lancôme, with French Ballerinas, opt for shades of pink and neutral, giving a touch of brightness thanks to mother of pearl eye shadow.

Mac Cosmetics collection with Magnetic Nude, opt for a make-up metal but using neutral colors, choosing pink and coral for cheeks and eyeliner for the eyes. The lips Creamy lipsticks and lip gloss. From a choice that might seem exaggerated and not suitable for every day, we come to a conclusion sober and calm, but at the same time energetic and intense.

Pupa Milano collection with the Chic Navy, decided to focus on all the nuances of the water, then in shades of green, blue of blue. We’re talking about pretty colors and intense that not all know how to lead, according to my point of view, so it may be risky to decide to buy these products, unless you are skilled of “Sfumatrici”

Even Diego Dalla Palma offers on the blue and green shades for the eyes, inspired by the make-up of a Geisha and leaving red lips. Of course, we’re not talking about a perfect makeup for the day and that can be carried safely in every occasion, according to my impressions. Sephora with the collection Arty Pastel, choose shades on pink but opt for a teal green mascara, a little’ out of place.

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