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Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes Makeup tips for blue eyes the bright eyed girls have on their side a shade of the iris already very special, however, is not easy to exploit. Here are tips for a trick always perfect.

Beautiful Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Makeup tips for blue eyes how many times have us girls with blue eyes yes, the author of this article is a representative of the class we felt said to be very lucky to have this color so envied and desired. Too bad that makeup blue eyes is not exactly the most simple it is a color so clear, enhancing the look is not very easy, and choosing eye shadows too light or the same tone you are likely to make off and dim. But what is the make-up right? There are several solutions, by day and by night, with the effect that surely will be nothing short of amazing .

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We begin by choosing eye shadow. If the brown-eyed women have a wide choice of colors to draw with, which has blue, eyes must restrict their choice to a few colors. The complementary color to blue is orange, a perfect tone for the summer and as you may know, is also one of the most fashionable colors of the 2014 season, and is perfect for making the most blue eyes.

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If pure orange is not your thing you can orient yourself on the shading of the most intense, such as a beautiful red coral, proposed by many brands that specialize in make-up, if shading in a lighter can also be used for makeup day.

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The undersigned also recommends the pink, obviously in deep hues and not too light, which enhances the look and is perfect if you have blonde or light brown hair, and brown in shades of bronze very chic.

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And the blue eye shadow goes really avoided? In the tone of the iris, while a more lively tone perhaps combined with a thin line of black pencil on the upper eyelid, gives the face a very refined style.

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Even the make-up essential is very welcome as you can see from the pictures in our photo gallery; most of the actresses with blue eyes prefer a trick composed solely of black pencil (or eyeliner) and much mascara: the contrast with the black makes it look really magnetic.

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Finally, a little trick to widen the eye, apply in the stack below a thin line of white or beige pencil, the effect will be intriguing to say the least.

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