Autumn Winter Makeup Trends 2019 Complexion is Natural And Illuminates


Makeup trends 2019 to forget the cold of winter the complexion glows while playing the natural map. For a fair result chic and sophisticated as desired.

Makeup Trends 2019

The Makeup trends 2019 complexion is radiant and glowing cheek.

So Cap on healthy glow while natural, to do this play on illuminates Primers and care, perfect before the foundation, Faces for bright, fresh and breathable health and dare to give pep to your face with a blush satin pretty colored notes very discreet.

Makeup Trends 2019 For Good Look

Perfect Complexion

Makeup trends¬†2019 For a perfect finish pretty face play with creams and funds dyed “care.” Prefer liquid foundation easy to apply, for a luminous and natural finish as to better highlight the gaze intensifies nothing beats a smooth complexion sublimated. So have the small gesture for both the foundation for the veil of powder. In short, be efficient your face will reward you!

Colors of the Season

Autumn, forests parent mile warm colors and faces too! While not cure natural features dare cheeks with warm colors ranging from pink lines, walleye, through the copper, peach, and earth tones but that of unconditional nude rest assured it is not banned so far but the smartest plays in the evening with eyes very worked. For this season, the blush appears and takes color to a pretty doll look. So, forget for a few months too neutral colors and dare blush pearl.

Discreet and chic evening

This season she’ll have to find the right balance between discretion of a natural color and a perfect face chic and sophisticated. In short, the complexion is flawless, smooth and to contemplate a perfect face in the mirror before going out as put all the chances on her side taking care of your skin buffeted by the chill of winter, pollution, fatigue …

So you carefully remove makeup do care very regularly and passing through the box beautician several times a year.

Thus you will have a porcelain face chic wish.

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