The Eyes Makeup Trends For Fall-Winter 2018


Says new period of fashion weeks said new makeup trends for fall-winter 2018. And this year, the creators offer us more than tantalizing looks. Liner graphic, doll lash spirit Twiggy, smoky metallic or iridescent nude: you will love the new makeup trends for looking!

Earlier we talked you makeup trends for fall-winter 2018 and if we focus on the eye makeup?

Makeup Trends For Fall-Winter

This winter spotlight:

Makeup trends For Fall-Winter 2018: The graph liner

This winter, black is intense and uncompromising. As for eyeliner thick and uniform, it dresses the mystery of eyes and a je ne sais quoi of Audrey Hepburn futuristic.

Kohl pencil in Emilio Pucci Makeup Trends For Fall-Winter

Most? The graphic liner enlarges the eye. Under the as a stroke of kohl pencil (who signs her comeback with a bang this season), it highlights the iris and almond eye.

Most? The kohl pencil intensifies the look.

Makeup trends for Fall-Winter 2018: beige copper

The best friend of your peach complexion?

The copper beige eyeshadow and gentle on the skin, it illuminates the eyes while subtlety and lightness.

Ideally, As part of the trend nude make-up, it requires nothing more than a final touch of volumizing mascara!

Most? Apply it finger for a natural effect blur!

Trend makeup autumn-winter 2018: the eyeshadow pop

Eye Shadow Pop in Kristina T Makeup Trends For Fall-Winter

Who said that the color was reserved for the summer?

Pop colors of winter, we like a little … a lot … and even passionately.

To each her preference: marked on the Chanel fashion show fall-winter 2018, the flash pink you will most certainly crack.

Adept Green? You will love the pop of Incontri parade!

Most? The pop blushes eyelid, a trend that puts a pep in your daily life…

Makeup trends For Fall-Winter 2018: doll eyelashes

Kohl pencil in Emilio Pucci Eyes Makeup Trends For Fall-Winter

Twiggy, the famous model of the 60s has made the trend ‘doll lashes ‘a must for the eye makeup.

Easy to reproduce, the doll lashes look gives effect mid -. Ingénue mid rabble the prettiest effect most? The doll eyelashes eyes open.

Trend makeup autumn-winter 2018: the smoky metallic

Surely hypnotic trend of the season

The smoky eyes come in slate gray, iridescent hazelnut, dark purple or emerald green.

One thing is certain.

Does she not lose its intensity?

The more it makes the look and sparkle can wear day and night.

And you, what is your eye makeup trend heart stroke?

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