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Malaysia, the capital city of the South China Sea and its rich cultural heritage, amazing geography, and future, is truly a unique country. Malaysia is also home to some of the world’s cheapest, most affordable, low-tuition universities. So, grab your Malaysian student visa and get ready to study in Malaysia. Choosing to study in Malaysia, you will not only discover all the colors of beauty but also there are so many eye-catching senses that can keep anyone engaged. The currency used in Malaysia is called Malaysian Ring (MYR).

This beautiful country is full of colorful bazaars, mosques, Hindu temples, and Buddhist temples, which are often found together. Malaysia also has an abundance of annual festivals celebrating both traditional and modern aspects of Malaysian culture.

Located on the southern shore of the island below Thailand, half the country is known as Negative Malaysia. In Peninsular Malaysia, you will find top-notch universities in Malaysia. The area consists of the most vibrant and diverse urban cities.

Things To Know Before Studying In Malaysia

Almost everyone wants to one-day study abroad, where they just don’t get their money’s worth. Rather, it is the best experience to study. However, their decisions have always been clouded by study locations such as Canada, the United States, China, CYPRUS, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, etc., which have existed for years.


When you want to study abroad, one of the things you should consider is your accommodation. Generally, two types of accommodation are available for international students. For the most part, campus accommodation is ideal for international students due to the residential units. For example, in the University Technology Militia, there is a well-housed campus residence, which meets the telephone ports. Students on campus also have access to the university’s IT facilities and internet connection.

Some of the facilities you can always find on-campus accommodation include:

  • Cafeterias
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Tennis court
  • Store and common room

As we said before, living on campus can be difficult, but you don’t have to worry. Because you can get a lot of accommodation off-campus, but it is best to keep the following in mind when moving out of campus. Cost, facilities offered, proximity to campus so transportation costs.

Health Insurance

This is one of the most important things you need to know before planning to study in Malaysia. Like other studies abroad, you need to have health insurance for the entire period. Study in Malaysia. Treatments covered by this policy include:

  • Personal accident and death;
  • Services in patients;
  • Homecoming and
  • Outpatient services.

There is a minimum premium limit each year. RM300.00 (Source: University Technology Malaysia). We recommend that students buy insurance policies only from schools that specify the school.

Job Opportunities

The third thing you will need to know before studying in Malaysia is the job opportunities for you as a student in the country. These days, international students take part-time jobs. So that they can fund their stay in the country. Although in Malaysia, tuition fees and costs are relatively modest for domestic students, they can be very high. Therefore, the international student needs something to help meet the expenses.

The position of the majority of international students applying for degree programs at some of Malaysia’s leading universities is that tuition fees are very low and affordable. In addition, while offering higher education systems, they have a wide range of elective educational programs.

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