Mango Special Women’s Clothing Collection for Ramadan


Mango special women’s clothing on the occasion of Ramadan, Mango markets women’s clothing line. While demand is increasing, the Spanish brand has signified its willingness to adapt to the tastes of Middle Eastern women

A Mango special women’s clothing collection for Ramadan, no fast-fashion brand thought there was. It is that Mango took the initiative. To accommodate the growing demand, the brand affordable decided to design a line for Muslim women approaching Ramadan, to multiply their fashion alternatives. After we dream cream with many parts for the early summer, Mango released today its line designed on the occasion of Ramadan.

Mango Special Women's Clothing

Ramadan Special! Mango Special Women’s Clothing Collection

“The guest ideal” the name of the Mango capsule collection for the Ramadan, will be dressed in “precious stone details to tops, palazzo pants in all their versions, and a major commitment to the overalls, the lighthouse silhouette of the season”. By choosing to pay significant attention to the overalls, Mango combines fashion and traditional clothing. The Spanish brand will not forget to mention a wide selection of long dresses will be available.

While we recently regaled must-have jewelry Mango for the summer, the focus now knew the collection “The perfect guest” imagined by the brand for Ramadan.

The result?

A very elegant collection. Mango offers rooms with intense colors, deep burgundy coral, through midnight blue. Guaranteeing “the stylish but casual outfits, sophisticated and detailed” the brand keeps its promise.

The pieces are meant dressed and adapted to the trends of the summer, between combinations, fluid pants and coordinated ensembles. Similarly as Mango tries to adapt his clothes to Chinese demand, the Spanish brand wants to develop an offer that better suits the tastes of women in the Middle East.

Mango wills he instigated a new phenomenon?

Although the capsule collection is intended only Arab countries, it is possible to order from Europe on e-shop of the brand. With a large Muslim community, among others, France and Germany, Mango could attract many potential customers. The question is whether the customers concerned will be receptive to this specific collection or simply opt for other stylish items and spanning from Mango.

Source: CP Mango – Credit: Mango

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