Manhattan Go4Big Lashes Mascara Makeup Contest Won


Recently I was at a makeup contest won this manhattan Go4Big lashes mascara. I had never tried because I’m not a big fan of rubber thin brush. However, mascara proved extremely high quality which is why I decided to review.

Mascara comes in a blue package containing 8 ml and it costs roughly 70 Kuna. Packaging is a modern looking elongated and narrow. Rubber brush is full of tiny thin “needle” length about 1.5 mm. It is evident therefore, that this mascara is primarily intended for lengthening and separating lashes and it is precisely because of this small and precise brush showed particularly good for lower lashes.

Manhattan Go4Big Lashes Mascara -1

What Manhattan says?

The expressive volume maximum length and perfect definition in one. This innovative multi dimensional brush retrieves those tiniest lashes in the corner of the eye. Ophthalmologist tested.

My impressions?

I am very pleased with this mascara. Not beautiful eyelashes leaving no “lumps” on them do not shed are not mapped to the eyelids thanks to its practical and precise toothbrush. Enough of the “light” on the lashes do I have the feeling that I’m wearing mascara. In addition it is very time consuming and does not move from the place all day.

Manhattan Go4Big Lashes Mascara

I’d realized that all what it promises especially the length and definition. Volume in my case “made” only when applying a second coat of mascara. As I said it’s great for lower lashes that require a steady hand and greater caution. In the picture below (right) you can see how one layer of mascara looks on my lashes. I think that this effect is ideal for every day when you do not want a dramatic look but orderly and decent definition.

Manhattan Go4Big Lashes Mascara -3

Only with two coats of mascara can talk about volume. There has been more dramatic look without sticking lashes and loss of definition. In my opinion this is a win situation. With a medium thick line on the upper eyelid shower your eyes will look enthusiastic and lashes will seem even thicker at the base. I photographed three layers because personally never put much mascara on the lashes. I think so many layers just can not look good no matter what mascara was.

Manhattan Go4Big Lashes Mascara -2

All in all, I’m terribly pleased with mascara even though I was initially skeptical of it because of the brush. I have absolutely no complaints. Mascara is the perfect texture and characteristics. Maybe I only cited cost as a drawback but it can be “mitigated” every now and then we see the action at drug stores and discounts so you can catch this beauty at a lower price. I’m sure I’ll buy it again when it is exhausted.

How do you like the reviews? Have you tried this mascara? Brush fire on mascaras you prefer?

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