Your manicure at home does not really succeed? We’ll tell you 25 brilliant tips for well-kept nails!

Our fingernails and toenails are little divas: they need a lot of attention to make you feel good and look good.

Nails secrets of girls

In addition: they are extremely resentful. Abuse, too much paint shop or contact with aggressive chemicals, they react with splinters, breaking or discoloration.

If you want healthy, beautiful nails, you should consistently do them good and also do everything right when painting.

Here are 25 practical tips and ideas to pamper your toenails and fingernails!

Protective Function And Creative Potential

Even though we love to beautify it with paint, nature did not invent our nails as a painting ground. Its function is to protect the sensitive fingertips.

What breaks so much and splinters are the nail plate. She lies on the soft nail bed. The cuticle covers the beginning of the nail plate and protects it from infection.

However, it is itself very sensitive – cutting or rigorous removal, for example, it acknowledges that it is unsightly horny or inflamed.

Strengthen Your Nails

Well-groomed nails: 25 tips for the manicure at Home

But enough to the theory – we come to practice. Here are 25 simple tips for a successful manicure at home!

1. Use The Correct File Use

A special file for brittle, splintering nails. Their grain and padding make filing particularly gentle. Metal files are unsuitable for fingernails. It’s surface structure roughens the nail too much and creates high friction heat. Both cause the nail to splinter.

2. Maintain Nail Fold

Anyone who has horny, cracked areas on the fingertips should regularly massage nail cream in those places where nail sides and fingers meet (nail fold). This makes the skin softer and more elastic.

3. Soak Cuticles

The cuticle may not be cut, but pushed back. This works best after showering, and then the cuticle is softened. Otherwise, just keep your hands in lukewarm water for 5 minutes.

4. The Right Time To Paint

Do not paint the nails directly after showering or bathing – they swell up due to water. When drying, they contract again. The result: the paint is bursting.

5. Remove Nail Polish

A with nail polish remover -soaked cotton pad pressed for about 8 seconds in the paint, then wipe from the nail bed to the nail tip.

6. Preparing Nails For The Paint

Even if no paint has to be applied, the following applies: Before painting, degrease the nails with nail polish remover or alcohol, otherwise the paint will not hold.

7. Fill Grooves

Longitudinal or transverse grooves in the nail are harmless, but look ugly. Weak grooves can be removed with a polishing file, thicker with a nail filler fill.

Make yourself Manicure at Home: 5 must-haves for perfectly groomed nails

Painting Nails

8. Prime The Nail Plate

Always apply base coat before the colored coat. It compensates for minor bumps in the nail plate, improves the durability of the nail polish and prevents the nail plate from discoloring.

9. First, the big

Ones when nail polish always starts with your thumb. Due to its large area, it has the longest dry season.

10. Banishing Acetone

Not only with the paint remover, but also with the nail polish itself, you should make sure that it contains no acetone. This substance removes the nails massively fat and moisture.

11. Release Glued Fasteners

Keep the glued seals of nail polish bottles under running hot water, then let them open again easily. Even better: after each use, clean the thread of the vial with nail polish remover.

12. Allow Time

The more time a nail polish has to dry through, the greater its durability. Basically: Give her at least 10 minutes. ‘Express nail polishes’ will dry faster, but last no longer than two days.

13. Quick Drying By Spray

Do not dry painted nails; the heat keeps the paint soft. Special dry sprays accelerate the drying of the top layer of varnish. They also contain silicones that act as a shine enhancer.

14. Shorten Nails Properly

Nails should never be cut with scissors. That brings them to splintering and tearing. Shorten it with a coarser file.

15. Harden Soft Nails

Nail hardener makes the nail plate more resistant to splintering. But this makes sense only in the front part of the nail, the rear part should remain elastic – here renounce the hardener.

16. Narrowing Nails Width Nails appear narrower if you do not completely paint the nail, but leave a very narrow strip on the side.

Stiletto Gel Nails Painted White

17. Using Colors Correctly Pastel

Tones and light nude tones make nails larger and darker colors smaller. Light tones forgive easier blemishes when painting and even the first peel off is not so strong.

18. Do not file corners. File toenails straight. Deeply polished corners can cause the nail to grow in.

19. The Right Technique When Filing

The file does not move back and forth, which leads to a frayed nail edge. Always work in one direction only: from the corner to the middle.

20. Protecting Nails When Cleaning

Protects your fingernails when cleaning or rinsing with rubber gloves against aggressive cleaning agents and swelling with water, Painted nails stay well protected longer.

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21. Smoothing The Edge Of The File

Anyone who has to contend with brittle nails should, after filing, work the vertical edge of the nail tip with a polishing file until the nail edge feels completely smooth.

22. Apply The Paint Properly

In three brush strokes from the center to the sides: Allow the first layer to dry for at least one hour, and then apply the second layer. If you can not wait, you risk forming tiny bubbles in the upper layer of paint.

23. Nourish Skin Cuticles that tend to rupture keep a regular massage with nail oil supple and healthy.

24. End The Yellow

Once the nails are discolored (eg by tannins or variegated nail polish), it helps to bathe your fingertips in a mixture of warm water and citric acid. In the blink of an eye, special whitening lacquers set off the yellowish tinge with a purple glow.

25. Bathing Nails

A bath of olive or jojoba oil nourishes and protects the nails and makes them soft and supple. For brittle nails use lemon peel oil as a bath additive.

Beautiful Nails Manicure at Home: A finger bath in citric acid

Many women wonder how to make a beautiful manicure, without spending a lot of time and money. And Feel Good happy to help!

Beautiful Manicure At Home Doing Gradient!
Beautiful Manicure At Home Doing Gradient!

We offer you our personal master class where the photos and a detailed description of the show as a manicure gradient but not normal and a brighter and more (which is even nicer) easier.

Beautiful Manicure At Home Doing Gradient! -6

Thus, we begin to make our beautiful manicure! To get a manicure gradient, we need just three things:

1. Any clear coat.

2. Bottle of glitter liked the color (in this case, we decided to use the coral).

3. A brush made of artificial material.

We start with the fact that the upper part of the nail (from the edge to the middle) inflict a thick layer of clear coat:

Beautiful Manicure At Home Doing Gradient! -5

Now we take a bottle of glitter and carefully pour a small amount on the nail area which we covered with varnish.

Beautiful Manicure At Home Doing Gradient! -4

With a brush spread sequins down the nail to the edge of the picture is blurry.

Beautiful Manicure At Home Doing Gradient! -3

To lay a beautiful glitter “wave” you can put them with your finger:

Beautiful Manicure At Home Doing Gradient! -2

Then apply several layers of clear coat the entire surface of the nail.

Beautiful Manicure At Home Doing Gradient! -1

Remember: the more layers of varnish the better kept sequins and the brighter the shine your nails. If the hand you can find any or other decorations for nails feel free to experiment! The main thing that was in color.

Beautiful Manicure At Home Doing Gradient!

Well … our simple and beautiful manicure finished! And here’s what happened:

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