7 Tips For A Manicure Pro Through And Through


Manicure Pro Before, during or after a crazy manicure, these secrets will make you pro nickel nails.

Manicure Pro

The Cure Beautiful Nails

One thing, only one, a maximum hydration seven consecutive nights before the big day ten minutes is dipped fingertips (without varnish) in a bowl of avocado oil, olive oil or cuticle Special (Peggy Sage) warmed in a water bath. On ground, one cream on file in bed after a week, a real metamorphosis, the nails are super fit, flexible and sturdy. No risk of breakage and suddenly, the best basis of the world before a festive application.
Any loan too, Fresh Start, moisturizing masks, nail format, pre-manicure, Essie.

After the Sunset

It’s more fun to work on a white nail. The recipe: 1. Erase the polishing block to remove streaks and basic residues then polish with the “shine” surface. 2. Apply a varnish launderer. The right products: Blocks 4-Step Buffer, Sephora; 4 faces, Herôme; Polisher Shine, OPI. Herôme; Natural Nail Whitener, ProNails; Overseas Base nail Peggy Wise; Bright White, Essie.

SOS Broken or Split Nails

The quickly drop of product, effective dressing, instead of his usual basis, to encapsulate the nail time to celebrate.

The right products: Advanced Hard as Nails Sally Hansen.

Joker Oil

Small dehydrated skin tarnishes the most beautiful manicures. The secret? Just before leaving, an oil applying cuticle fine brush or pen around the nail. A great effect sham.

The right products: Apricot Cuticle Oil, Essie; Oil Energizing Intensive Care Peggy Sage.

Anti-Bubbles Tip

Apply the base polish and top coat in thin layers to avoid extra effect “bubbles” on the nails.

To Remove The Glitter

In this case, it is the cleansing that is irritating and drying. So? Before you think about it: a base layer of varnish + a chair to prevent the particles cling directly to the nail Then we soak remover ten pieces of cotton that wraps at your fingertips with aluminum foil on top after five minutes, and supports all goes away without scratching the nail surface.

Glue Or Not Glue?

If you think about it, it is better to hold the inlay with a varnish or top coat still fresh. Seal inserts between two layers of top coat so inclusion. Intermediate solution, the special glue fake nails (nail stores, Sephora, Monoprix), less aggressive than the glue and to withdraw without too much damage, compulsory acetone remover, hand washing and a few drops of avocado oil feeding on the nail and its contour.

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