Marc Jacobs Fall-Winter Fashion Show in New York 2021-2022


Marc Jacobs Fall-Winter Fashion Week clothes New York brilliantly. Under a sun bronze, metal silhouettes Marc Jacobs Fall-Winter 2021-2022 warm the atmosphere and hearts. Marc Jacobs let us dream…

Marc Jacobs Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Fashion Show

Marc Jacobs uses contrasts in both materials in the cut of the clothes.

Marc Jacobs Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Fashion Show-0

For example, the dress shirt bent our grandmother underwent a facelift and door bright and fluid. Under the burning sun, the metal silhouettes appear sepia giving them a precious look to these bright fronts’ vendors.

Marc Jacobs Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Fashion Show-02

The Marc Jacobs fall-winter, the high-waisted pants reappeared as the parade Jeremy Scott autumn-winter. Silk or metallic panties high waist elongates the leg and mesh door, fur or simple Marc Jacobs, who excels in the art of sensuality slut shares with us his new fantasy.

Silk was also very reviving this trend pajama chic version this time. The whole shirt/silk trousers worn with high heels and babydoll with maxi fur effect “porno chic” bonus & finally in the evening, Marc Jacobs imagine sequined robes very fluid and sensual. The neckline is wide and especially ultra diving.

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