Breast pain in infancy, swollen breasts and skin nursing mother, are the main symptoms of mastitis. Know your symptoms and some tips to combat mastitis.

According to researchers in Family Medicine, Catholic University of Chile, in the country, only 50% of women practice exclusive breastfeeding or Total for 6 months. The rest, not enough to complete this period to have insufficient milk, depressive symptoms, return to work and / or suffer breast disorders, including the dreaded mastitis.

Mastitis Inflammation And Pain When Breastfeeding

Mastitis is an infection of the interstitial tissue surrounding the breast lobe. The mother notices this situation when cracks appear in her nipples, retains milk, decrease frequency of feeds or there is bad breast emptying. Commitment makes this chest pain; erythema, induration and increased local heat, often accompanied by a headache, myalgia, fever or impaired general condition.

The most common cause of this disease is the bacterium Staphylococcus Aureu s not because the breasts they get very large with breastfeeding, as the myth goes. The nipples may be the gateway for mastitis, and that does not depend on its size.

Treatment of mastitis

Although there are no spheroidal treatments and antibiotics to cure the symptoms, the American Academy of Breastfeeding recommended conservative management, that is, without antibiotics, understanding of course, that the picture is mild and less than 24 hours old. The natural treatments include frequent breast emptying, hopefully by the same infant, because we have to continue breastfeeding, although it has feverish breast.

The milk is not infected. (Note that you must first start with the infected breast). It is a myth to think that mom with fever can not breastfeed the baby because the child can get sick. On the contrary, it is likely that the immediate immune response promotes the baby’s mother.

How to fight mastitis

What to do to milk “down”? These “remedies grannies” are always appreciated, these homemade recipes that in a first stage, and always consult your doctor first, are never hurts: Boil a cup of milk for 10 minutes, then add 3 mullein leaves. Remove the leaves and apply warm (not hot) to the affected areas to help the milk flow.

Applications compresses with a few drops of castor oil and then massage toward the nipple, they are also quite effective for the newborn take the breast milk produced, relieving pain. -Eat 4-6 fresh garlic each day. For this, some toast with olive oil and crushed teeth are a tasty recipe.
The antibiotic properties of garlic help treat the infection. -Place Cabbage leaves in the freezer and applies to the affected breast for the temperature down in the area. Repeat the milk ejection is facilitated. This plant works great as an antibiotic. -Consume Regularly echinacea because it has the ability to strengthen the immune system and fight infection.

These recipes must be accompanied by a good rest. Rest is essential to increase the chances of recovery of the body. And the important thing is not to panic and take home these recommendations applied since ancient times and has led many mothers, get their recovery and motherhood enjoys a healthy and happy way.

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