Maxi Dresses Tribal Fashion 2016 2017 For Teen Girls

Tribal seems maxi dresses to be a favorite motif lately proved many fashion items such as GCC using tribal motifs scarf, hijab, skirts, tops, especially the maxi dresses for teen girls.

Maxi Dresses Tribal Fashion 2013

Yes, the tribal maxi dress can we meet everywhere with attractive colors and a variety of tribal motifs.

A tribal maxi dress can also be worn for formal events to casual depending on how you mix and match this dress.

Here are some things to consider when you want to wear the tribal maxi dress.

Adjust body shape

The basic thing to be a true fashionista is to understand your body shape if you include a small bodied, fat, short and tall. For a small body with a tribal motif use horizontal lines to create the illusion of a little full on your body.

Maxi Dresses Tribal Fashion 2013 -2

Conversely, those who are obese use the vertical tribal motifs. Furthermore, if you’re short do not drown yourself with the tribal maxi dress that is too long. Choose the length above the ankle without compromising the essence of maxi dress and for a tall fully extend your tribal maxi dress up past the ankle. For those who are short and fat, select models of the V-neck for the body look longer and slimmer. For a hand strap, choose wide straps or spaghetti strap but with a color matching the color of your skin for fat people.

Maxi Dresses Tribal Fashion 2013 -1


If you are smallish tribal motifs choose small to medium sized. Conversely, if you are a big man choose a large motif.


You can wear flat shoes with open end wedges, gladiators, and high heels. If you are petite the use of high-heeled shoes or sandals is a liability. However, if you want to wear flat shoes use a strip that had so impressed at ankle height. Do not wear high boots because it’s useless if you are covered by a maxi dress.


For bags, small bags either choose a handbag or purse. For a formal event, you can use the clutch to sweeten your appearance.


For those of you who hijab and you are not familiar with a sleeveless shirt, you can use the plain blazer or cardigan with matching color from one color tribal motif. You can add a belt which combined with your cardigan.


You can add a scarf or a necklace, earrings, and bracelets as well as your appearance sweetener.

Dress code to the beach

Wearing a maxi dress tribal motifs could also be a new atmosphere and, of course, the impression of relaxed. Clothe your dress with a combination of wide beach hat and slippers and sandals.

Furthermore, you can combine your tribal maxi dress to go to a certain place of the event of nonformal to formal. Accessories can be an option for tribal motifs are eye-catching and already carry the appearance. Congratulations creative.

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