What Is The Meaning Of The Wedding Veil? Wedding Cost + Card


Today, it is unveiled from every angle. Whether long, short, lace or color, brides do not lack inventiveness to wear it. But not everyone knows that this custom appeared years ago.

Here Is The Hectic Story And Meaning Of The Bride’s Veil.

It’s a tradition that has been abandoned for a few years by brides, but that comes back in fashion. If today, it has more a decorative and aesthetic side, the veil of the bride has long been considered a symbol of purity.

A Bit Of History To Understand The Meaning Of The Bride’s Veil

Some explain that the bride’s veil comes from an ancient tradition of kidnapping her bride by throwing a sheet over her head to hold her prisoner until the wedding. A tradition that is quite distressing.

Others say that this custom was inspired by arranged marriages, in which both spouses discovered and could not escape if they did not like.

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Finally, wearing a veil at her wedding would keep bad spirits away. Religious or spiritual, the meaning of the bride’s veil, therefore, depends not only on beliefs but also on culture.

The Meaning Of The Bride’s Veil Nowadays

Today, when the bride and groom unite at the church, the veil of the bride is worn until the couple is declared “husband and wife” in front of the priest. Thus, the man is allowed to discover her wife and kiss him when he removes her veil.

Many women wear it more for the aesthetic side than for the story behind it. More and more brides wear the same statement during the ceremony or choose a very fine fabric that can see their face.

The Veil Has Become A Real Wedding Accessory.

How To Wear The Bridal Veil?

Although some women do not know the meaning of the bride’s veil, they want to wear one on their wedding day and the choice of it is not random.

You will first need to define the style of the veil you want to wear before choosing the color. Know also that the choice of the veil is done according to your morphology and also according to the wedding dress which you will carry.

The one that suits all morphologies is the long veil with a train. Indeed, it has the advantage of lengthening the silhouette.

However, fashion is today in the mid-long model. Nothing like that the shoulders are highlighted.

Whatever your decision, you will be spoiled for choice because many models are available on the market. Feel free to take inspiration from photos you see in magazines or on Pinterest.

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