The iconic, frayed cut has been the name of the actress for more than twenty years, and women still want to get a Meg Ryan hairstyle and haircut at the barbershop. What makes the famous hairstyle and still some popular looks of the Hollywood star, see the article.

Although she is no longer as famous as she was then, Meg Ryan is undoubtedly one of the icons of the cinema world. Apart from her roles in films such as “Harry and Sally”, “City of Angels”, “French Kiss” and “E-Mail for you”, the plays have gained much popularity with their hairstyle.

The story behind the famous “Meg Ryan hairstyle”

The hairstyles of film and television are very popular with ladies. Especially when it comes to an innovative haircut like the Meg Ryan hairstyle, many women want to get the same look. The history of the iconic hairstyle, however, is much stranger than you think. The famous haircut was accidentally made by the stylist of the actress during the filming of the film “French Kiss”.

Meg Ryan Hairstyle 90s Look Freak Short Haircut

Ryan says that in the movie she plays the role of a woman who arrives in Paris without any baggage, money or accommodation and thus has no opportunity to wash her hair. Therefore, she needed a hairstyle that looks good and somehow bad at the same time.

During a camera rehearsal, there was an accident with the curling iron, with part of Meg’s hair burned off by her stylist and wrapped around the curling iron. The stylist would then cut the hair of the actress to improve the unevenness and so the Meg Ryan hairstyle was born.

What does the iconic Meg Ryan hairstyle look like in the 90s?

The short, fringed step cut by Meg Ryan from the 90s is still popular today. It is easy and quick to style, does not have to look perfect, and provides a modern look. The famous hairstyle is actually a frenzied bob, which the actress has worn in various styling variations.

In the love movie “E-Mail for you”, Meg wore her fringy bob hairstyle with a side parting. The hair length is actually no Bob in the classical sense, but rather a transitional length between the short haircut and Bob. This hairstyle is still comparable to the popular out-of-bed look, as it does not look too stylish and is very natural.

For her role in “City of Angels,” the short Bob got an update. The step cut wore the actress’s round cut and was styled with beautiful mini curls. The Wuschelkopf then became one of the most popular looks for women with short, curly hair.

Who Is The Frayed Step Cut?

The stylist of Meg Ryan, who gave birth to the iconic Meg Ryan hairstyle, says there are still women who come to her in the studio and want the famous cut for themselves. Since the hairstyle is strongly dependent on the hair type and face shape, the stylist should reject the request of some of the women. But who is the look?

Meg Ryan has a small, slender face, which is well accentuated by short haircuts. As for the hair type, the short step cut is especially suitable for ladies who have thicker hair. Volume and fullness play a crucial role in the Meg Ryan hairstyle.

What haircut is Meg Ryan wearing today?

Surprising or not, the actress has never quite parted with her bob. Even if she wore her hair longer, she always returns to the popular step cut. Currently, Meg Ryan wears a bob again, which is a bit longer than the famous 90s cut but is just as good. Thus, this hairstyle is also suitable for women over 50 years.

From long, tiered haircuts to her well-known frenzied bob, Meg Ryan’s hairstyles are an inspiration to ladies from all over the world. In the following, we have compiled some of the most popular looks of the actress over the years that you can also try for yourself.

The 90s look

For the classic Meg Ryan hairstyle, you should dare the short haircut and ask the hairdresser for a tiered, short bob. The perfect look is achieved with a slight side parting and a long oblique pony. The more frizzy the hair, the more authentic the hairstyle.

Hairstyle at the beginning of the 2000s: Step cut with straight hair

At the beginning of the 2000s, the actress exchanged her Wuschelkopf for a middle-length, tiered bob. The step cut works on both thick and slightly thinner hair and emphasizes the facial contours perfectly.

Medium-long staged and fringed

The medium-length Meg Ryan hairstyle can be wonderfully combined with a sloping pony. Although this look is not as hip today as it was back then, there are still some women around which she is wonderful.

The fringed step cut with longer hair

The well-known, wild Meg Ryan hairstyle got an update in the 2000s. The actress’s hair was still fringy and tired, but a little longer. Along, fuzzy bob like this one can be easily and quickly with some mousse and a hairdryer with making a diffuser.

Meg Ryan hairstyles with long hair

In 2006, Ryan appeared on the red carpet in a whole new look – a long mane in a sleek look. The longer cut was at that time the trademark of another actress – Jennifer Aniston, who came into the limelight with her role in the US sitcom “Friends”.

Meg Ryan also wore long hair combined with curls, but these looks have somehow stayed in the shadow of her iconic ’90s hairstyle.

Franger Bob – The trademark of the actress to this day

The current hairstyle of Hollywood star Meg Ryan is reminiscent of their iconic fringe cut from the 90s but is less wild. The actress has replaced the Wuschelkopf with a stylish, slightly wavy but still tiered bob.

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