Melon Bread Recipe For Health Benefits Representing a Symbol of Summer Fruit


Melon bread recipe in addition to representing a symbol of summer fruit, the melon bread does not contain saturated fat so it is not a food calorie and rich in beneficial properties to health.

Although there are several varieties, depending on the color of the flesh can be white, yellow, orange, this fruit offers a wide range of virtues.

Melon Bread Recipe For Health Benefits

Regarding its composition the melon is rich in water, containing a percentage equal to about 95%, the remaining percentage is then composed from vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B), and minerals such as iron, calcium and phosphorus. Recent experimental studies have revealed that a variety of this fruit, bitter melon and particularly its juice have anti-cancer qualities useful in the treatment of pancreatic cancer; melon in general also contains an anticoagulant that prevents the formation of clots in the blood, exposing the subject to the risk of heart attack or stroke.

The benefits of the melon

Among the health benefits can be attributed to the melon should be indicated not only the virtues of preventive against cancer, because its source of carotenoids reduce the risk of lung cancer.

Melon Bread Recipe Easy Melon Pan Recipe American Measurements

The melon is an ally of the kidneys seen that has a rich content of water that stimulates diuresis helping to cleanse the body. A digestive level then the melon bread stimulates bowel regularity and counteracts the onset of any digestive problems, to enable this action beneficial melon can count on the mineral content that stimulates the elimination excessive acidity of the organism that tends to counter the regular digestive function.

L’adenosine contained in the melon makes the blood more fluid against the formation of blood clots, thus reducing the risk of heart and circulatory problems that can result in stroke and nell’infarto. In the summer the assumption of melon then forms a good energy source guaranteeing natural sugars and vitamin B necessary for the body to facilitate the production of energy from carbohydrates.

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