A Romantic Messy Bun Hairstyle Tutorial with Headband In 7 Gifs Step By Step


Latest tutorial! Messy bun Hairstyle with jewelry headband in 7 gif images step. How to do a big messy bun with short hair of simple steps? High bun hairstyle tutorial by hair expert

Messy bun tutorial we see it everywhere: on the catwalks, on the street, in magazines … But without a guide, hard to realize this pretty hairstyle. In gifts, it’s much simpler. Follow the instructions to make you a romantic bun with a headband!

Messy Bun Tutorial

Messy Bun Tutorial Step By Step


1. Step 1: Prepare

As often before any hairstyle, there texturizes, especially if you have fine hair. Ditto if washed the same day or the day before because of too glide own hair, so the hair does not hold. Vaporizing spray salt on the lengths before backcombing slightly.


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