Met Ball Top 5 Of The Most Spectacular Hairstyles


Yesterday evening was held at the Met Ball in United State. An opportunity for us to return to the hairstyles of the most spectacular stars. Beware, it will uncap!
miley cyrus hair salon puts Met Ball

Miley Cyrus Spectacular Hairstyles

We had warned you, this is Beyoncé who was honorary president last night at the Met Ball. An honor that the actress had accepted with pleasure but that has not prevented the Crazy In Love singer to commit a fashion faux pas with her dress Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci. However, despite this lack of taste you can not blame the singer is her haircut. Wavy, blond and full of volume her hair was just beautiful for the evening at the Met Ball. But last night the stars that were on the red carpet does not have all committed a faultless level of hair. For example, we request that fly stung Nicole Richie! Usually blonde with a small fringe on the side the daughter of Lionel Richie that night opted for ultra white hair put back.

For the evening the Met Ball, Miley Cyrus dress by Marc Jacobs on it surprised all spectators. Since little has beautiful hair cut but that night she was tousled in all directions. It is almost confused with Desireless! Nicki Minaj and Anne Hathaway for their bet on the peroxide blonde. But the prize for the most amazing hair back to Sarah Jessica Parker and her braid ornament cob with feathers. You might wonder how the actress Sex and the City made to hold your head high!

Spectacular Hairstyles Spectacular Hairstyles Spectacular Hairstyles Spectacular Hairstyles Spectacular Hairstyles


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