METABOLISM BOOSTER – This Boosts Your Fat Burning


Do you want your body to really accelerate when it comes to energy consumption? What makes the metabolism shoot from 0 to 100 – and what doesn’t?

The metabolism – or as the expert puts it: metabolism – everyone knows it, but what exactly it is, what it can be stimulated with, and what makes it sluggish, most have no idea.

The fact is: Your metabolism is the key to successful weight loss because it burns food into energy. And for everyone who wants to get slim and sporty in 8 weeks – without equipment: Here is our effective training plan for at home.


What heats up the metabolism and what doesn’t?

Imagine your metabolism as a car: for some, the vehicle only chugs comfortably close to the hard shoulder, for others, the racing car heats up permanently in the fast lane.

Fortunately, you’re in control of the wheel. And that’s why we’ll tell you what your metabolism can do at full throttle and what slows it down – on a scale from 0 to 100 points. The 0 stands for real metabolism brakes, the 100 for the metabolism booster.

Factor -12: extreme diet

The worst idea of ​​all: if you do not eat enough calories, the body switches to hunger mode. The metabolism reduced and energy stored instead of burned. Stupid: It is difficult for the body to get out of this mode.

Factor 0: brain teaser

The brain burns a lot of calories, but you don’t burn much more with brain jogging than when you watch trash TV. Keeping your gray matter busy isn’t as good as going for a jog.

Factor 5: Hot spices

It often said that the hot substance capsaicin boosts fat burning. That is also true, but the success that can be traced back to that alone is hardly visible on the scales. You cannot avoid exercise and a sensible diet.

Factor 10: cigarettes

We hate to have to admit that, but yes: Tipping can stoke the metabolism by increasing the heartbeat. But: Very little and only for a short time. (Phew!) So it’s not worth it to start smoking.

Factor 20: Little sleep

True, one study found that people who only get 5 hours of sleep per night burn a few more calories during the day. But they also ate more than they burned from the metabolic boost – and even put on weight.

Factor 30: green tea

Catechins, which contained in green tea, heat up the metabolic furnace at least a little. If you drink 2 to 3 cups a day with meals, you can burn extra calories without any effort thanks to the antioxidant plant substances. Here we reveal why you should drink more green tea.

Factor 40: room temperature

Just above the chill (or in numbers: at 18 degrees), that is the best temperature for the metabolism kick. The body’s brown adipose tissue then helps regulate body temperature by burning calories into fuel.

Factor 60: caffeine

Yes, coffee helps you lose weight. For about 3 hours after drinking, the metabolic gear shifts up a few gears: the heartbeat increased, the energy expenditure increases.

But: Your body gets used to the boost, the effect reduced. By the way: Here you can find out what happens if you abstain from caffeine.

Factor 70: Eat high in protein

If you eat a high protein diet, you give the metabolism that extra kick. Because with protein, 20 to 35 percent of the calories used for digestion. For carbohydrates, it’s only 5 to 15 percent. Have a protein shake on it? You can read here how useful protein powder is for women.

Factor 85: endurance training

Cardio workouts boost your fat burning. You can make it easier for your metabolism to access annoying fat deposits, for example by running regularly. In addition, you build muscles by jogging regularly and evenly. Here are more strong reasons to start running now.

Factor 100: strength training

Those who train their fitness like this increase their basal metabolic rate and destroy more calories even when they are resting. For every kilo of fat that converted into muscle, an additional 30 calories burned per day – without having to lift a finger.

Now you know all the important factors that slow down your metabolism or really get it going. And you know: a healthy metabolism supports you optimally in losing weight. Have fun doing it!

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